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Every year on Memorial Day weekend, about 1,500 yellow rubber ducks are released into a tributary of the Deerfield River. The ducks are all numbered with corresponding ticket numbers sold for $4.00. The first 100 or so ducks at the finish line carry prizes. Proceeds from the event go towards helping critically ill children fulfil a wish The event is managed by a local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
It's a tradition among a number of Vermont ski areas to hold a pond skimming contest as the season draws to a close. Pond skimming contests invite skiers to dress up in costumes and skim across a man made "pond" at the foot of the mountain. Initially, it is an easy challenge because skiers can start from a distance, high up on the mountain and build up speed to cross "the pond." But as the distance from the pond is gradually reduced, the contestants find it increasingly more difficult to skim across the pond without crashing. The skier who wins is the one who can skim across the pond at the slowest speed without falling into the water. Prizes are also awarded for the best costume or lack thereof!!

Vermont's annual Moose hunt

Every year thousands of hunters enter a Vermont state lottery to obtain the right to hunt down and kill a moose. Up until recently, only a few hunters have been given permits, but now the state seems ready to allow more hunting than ever before. Is it all about money or just the need to keep the moose population under control, or both? You decide. Our video provides some clues. Warning! some of the shots in this video are not for the squeamish!

Maple Syrup collection using horses in northern VT

A Taste of Syrup - Watch how maple syrup is collected to the old fashioned way in Northern Vermont.

Larry Letourneau, near Derby Line, VT likes to use his Belgians to collect syrup in the spring. He says the horses do far less damage to his sugbush than the heavy modern machinery that others use. Mr. Letourneau uses very traditional methods for collecting and boiling his sap.

Web Video on Smugglers' Notch Ski Resort

Condos- Ski Lifts and Smugglers' Notch...

This resort is still as friendly as ever with great skiing to boot, but we think its time to update the ageing complement of lifts before building even more condos! On the other hand, Smuggs makes lots of money with its master plan for mucho condos. Download our web video review on Smuggs.

Bear Creek Mountain Club - Club House

Bear Creek Mountain Club

A skier's dream or maybe too quiet! The Bear Creek Mountain Club offers emaculate grooming, "freshies" to its ticket holders every time it snows, and top quality food served in a genteel atmosphere. All this for $35.00 including a luncheon buffet? Yes, if you are willing to ski on Thursday. It's a steal and you don't even have to be a member! Our review shows you a two minute glimpse of the trails, and the clubhouse.

Snowshoe Race in Stowe

Stowe's annual winter carnival includes a 5 kilometre snow race on the grounds of Edson Hill Manor, just outside town. The event draws a wide age group, with sponsors offering such things as Tubbs Snow Shoes to the winners. Tubbs recently moved its manafacturing overseas idling its Vermont workforce.

heated cobble stone shopping area at the Stratton Ski Resort

Review of the Stratton Mountain Ski Resort

A review of one of Vermont's most expensive ski resorts where you shop on heated cobblestones and enjoy lots of intermediate runs. Owned by IntraWest, the Canadian multi-national that revitalized Mount Tremblanc and built Whistler-Blackcomb.

sugarbush ski resport mascot

Review of the Sugarbush Ski Area in 2003

Produced in QuickTime 6. and Windows Media Player. 4.26 mins. 14 MB. You will need a broadband connection to view this movie. It includes an extensive section on the Slidebrooke express, an unusual lift that transports skiers from one area to another and which has a reputation for being closed frequently due to wind or low skier traffic.

snocross racers in Island Pond, VT

Island Pond, VT SnoCross Racing

Progressive Streaming Download, runs 2.26 (view in Windows media Player or QuickTime).

Gentle Giants Sleigh Rides in Stowe

Stowe's Snowiest Winter 2003-2004

A look at Stowe in the Winter of 2003-2004. The winter started off with an incredible amount of snow in December, the most in living memory. More than 100 inches fell during the month. Windows and QuickTime versions available.

A taste of foliage time

A Taste of Foliage Time in Vermont

Our first web video, made in 2000, features beautiful shots of foliage in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom and wistful soundtrack. Video was made for Foliage-Vermont

Vermont's 2003 foliage colors

Foliage 2003

Foliage 2003 is our latest foliage video. The presentation is in a larger screen and the movie contains shots of Woodstock, Stowe, the Quechee Gorge and the Choiniere Fishing Access in the Northeast Kingdom. Features an original soundtrack. A wonderful mood piece to get you excited about fall foliage! Video made for Foliage-Vermont

Woodstock celebrates Christmas with annual Wassail parade

Colorful parade of horses and riders in Woodstock

Woodstock's annual Wassail Celebration features a parade of horses and riders on a Saturday afternoon in December. The colorful parade usually draws a good crowd. This movie shows the parade and also contains a segment of Handel's Messaih performed at Our Lady of the Snows church in Woodstock

Mile high pies at the p and h truck stop

Fill yourself up on I-91!

You haven't completed your visit to Vermont if you haven't stopped on Interstate 91 for a mile high pie! P& H Truck Stop - stopping for a pie on a lonely highway

La Traversee Internationale du Lac Memphremagog

The Big Swim - La Traversee Internationale du Lac Memphremagog. International swimmers compete in 28 mile cross border swim from Newport, VT to Magog, Quebec, Canada. Annual Event. 2.38 mins 7.9 MB Progressively streamed Video. Compressed with ZygoVideo Pro

The 24th anniversary of La Traversee Internationale du Lac Memphremagog

The 25th anniversary of La Traversee Internationale du Lac Memphremagog.

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