Beloin Tree Farm and Wreaths offering mail ordering of Christmas trees and wreaths from Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

At Couture's Maple Shop, they produce and ship a wide range of Maple Syrup Products; including Candies, Maple Cream, Lollipops and Pancake Mix. We also sell two of the most popular Table Grades of Syrup; Grade A-Medium Amber, which has a delicate maple flavor and Grade A-Dark Amber, which has a more robust flavor.

Crowley Cheese, based in the Green Mountains of Vermont, is the oldest cheese factory in the United States. The factory, built in 1882 and listed in the National Register of Historic Places, produces a uniquely hand-crafted cheese that is an American original. According to a famous New York City cheesemonger, Crowley Cheese isn't a Cheddar, it's not a Colby, nor is it a Cheshire - It?s a Crowley! Give it a try and see for yourself.

More than just a Health Food Store and More than just a General Store. Natural Provisions located in downtown St. Johnsbury stocks more than 90,000 items. You can do most of your grocery shopping here and also find gifts and kitchen utensils. "If it is good for you, it is likely to be found at Natural Provisions."

Browse through a selection of a CD ROMS and DVDs, as well as some gift baskets.

Spates the Florist is your best source for Christmas wreaths of all sizes and textures. They're handcrafted from locally harvested greens. Then, they are carefully boxed and shipped nationwide.

Lovers of Vermont Cheddar know that Sugarbush Farm is one of the few places in the state where you can get the real thing. To many people this is cheese Nirvana and a place where one can find other genuine Vermont farm products like pure maple syrup and pure VT honey.

The Taftsville Country Store carries only Vermont produced products. In addition to the cheeses,there are specialty items such as Vermont Common Cracker tins, filled with crackers, of course! There's a Vermont made Garlic and Herb Dijon that'll make you throw the Grey Poupon away, and Vermont Smokehouse Meats, pancake & muffin mixes, cocoa, fruit butters, bread & cake mixe

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