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Vermont's Annual Moose Hunt

Oct 21 2006 - Oct 26 2006

Oct 28 2006 - Nov 2 2006

About the moose hunt

  • The number of moose hunting licenses being issued seems to be expanding every year. This co-incides with the growth in moose population. Vermont wildlife officials estimate there are 5,000 moose in the state.
  • Moose hunting has been going on in Vermont since 1993, when the the state issued 30 permits and 25 moose were taken. This year the state has issued 1,115 permits from more than 11,500 applicants and officials expect the hunters to kill 650 moose in two weeks of of hunting. The winners of Vermont's 2006 moose hunting permits were determined July 11 at a lottery drawing in Montpelier.
  • Every year, thousands of hunters from all over the country vie in a lottery for the right to hunt Vermont moose. Only 10% of the licenses issued are awarded to non-Vermont residents. Lottery applications were $10.00 for residents and $25.00 for nonresidents. Odds of drawing a permit are about one in ten for residents and one in twenty for nonresidents.
  • Winners of this year's moose hunting permits are posted in a searchable database on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department's website ( Click on 'Hunting and Trapping' and then on Lottery Applications and Winners.
  • Moose can easily weigh over 600 pounds so there can be difficulties moving an animal brought down in the wilds which are often boggy, a traditional habitat of the moose.
  • The moose is a fitting symbol of our wildlife heritage," says Vermont Governor Jim Douglas. "Vermont's moose population has been restored to abundance throughout the state due to good wildlife management. Like firewood and maple syrup, moose venison is a natural product of Vermont's forests that helps support households in Vermont."

Moose being weighed in at Island Pond, VT during the annual moose hunt

  • A moose must be eviscerated. Then it must be taken to a VT state weighing station. Hunters cannot leave dead animals in the bush. They must either cut it up on the spot or pay to have it dragged out of the bush by horses. No machinery such as ATVs is allowed.
  • The whole procedure can become costly with hunters forced to pay several hundred dollars to have a dead animal dragged out of the bush.

About our Moose hunt video

You need a broadband connection to download the video and either Windows Media Player 9 or QuickTime 6. If you have Windows XP, you probably have Windows Media Player but you may have to download an update from Microsoft. The same goes for QuickTime. Both videos are compressed with Sorenson Squeeze 4.0. The original movie, edited in Final Cut Pro is 1 GB!. They should start to download progressively - that is when approximately 30% of the movie is downloaded, you should be able to start playing the movie.

Moose Hunt movie presented in QuickTime 6 (13 MB)

Moose hunt movie presented in Windows Media player 9 (14 MB)

Note: Movies were produced in 2004

  • The following is a link to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department
  • Note to hunters: Moose hunting applications have to be in by July 1st. They are $10 for VT residents and $25 for non VT residents. The list of permits awarded to moose hunters will be announced on or before August 3rd. Permits are $100 for VT residents and $350 for non residents. You can get the applications on the VT Department of Fish & Wildlife website
    (this note was posted on May 27th, 2005)

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