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Vermont's annual Pond Skimming Contests

Pond Skimming

It's a tradition among a number of Vermont ski areas to hold a pond skimming contest as the season draws to a close. Pond skimming contests invite skiers to dress up in costumes and skim across a man made "pond" at the foot of the mountain. Initially, it is an easy challenge because skiers can start from a distance, high up on the mountain and build up speed to cross "the pond." But as the distance from the pond is gradually reduced, the contestants find it increasingly more difficult to skim across the pond. The skier who wins is the one who can skim across the pond at the slowest speed without falling into the water.

About our Pond Skimming video

Our video was shot at Burke Mountain on Saturday, March 26th, 2005. You need a broadband connection to download the video and either Windows Media Player 9 or QuickTime 6. If you have Windows XP, you probably have Windows Media Player but you may have to download an update from Microsoft. The same goes for QuickTime. Both videos are compressed with Sorenson Squeeze 4.0. The original movie, edited in Final Cut Pro is 500 MB. Both movies should start to download progressively - that is when approximately 30% of the movie is downloaded, you should be able to start playing the movie.

Pond Skimming movie presented in QuickTime 7 (16 MB)

Pond Skimming movie presented in Windows Media player 9 (15 MB)

Skier skims pond at annual pond skimming contest at Burke Mountain in Northern Vermont

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