Moose Tips 
 By Don Tescher
Moose Hunting
Deer Hunting
2004-5 Season



The moose he is a funny critter,
Designed, you thought, to make you titter,
But met in rural interface
He'll promptly put you in your place.

The moose he is a funny fellow
Designed to make you smile or bellow
But met in rural confrontation
He'll rudely end your celebration

The moose he is a funny critter
God shaped him just to make you titter
But meeting him in grove or gutter
Will reduce you to a pile of litter

The moose he is a funny creature;
His nose is his outstanding feature
But while you're laughing, soon or later,
He'll decorate your radiator.

Mr. Tescher is a winner of the Northeast Kingdom Poetry Contest

© 1996 Don Tescher


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