About the Stowe Rec Path

Stowe’s bike path is as an all year round recreational trail. You can bike, hike, stroll, and ski on it, 365 days a year. The 5.3-mile paved trail starts in Stowe Village, next to the Stowe Congregational church, winds its way through the woods and meadows, and crosses the West Branch River 11 times on arched wooden bridges. Numerous shops, lodges, and restaurants are accessible from the path.

This delightful track can be enjoyed by both experienced cyclists and first-time bikers. It’s also the perfect opportunity to see all that Stowe has to offer. Take a look below to see some of the beautiful scenes which can be found on this trail.


The path is very busy on weekends. If you bike the path, watch out for strollers and not just adults. You could round a corner and run straight into a young mother with a baby carriage.

The path is asphalt paved and a bit bumpy from frost heaves. In winter the track becomes icy very quickly and hard to ski in control. It is groomed every couple of days, but there is no snow making.

Crossing the many bridges on a bike with on coming traffic is asking for trouble. Be cautious.