What's Happening in Vermont

  • The Vermont Senate has decided not to tax the rich in order to pay for the state's budget shortfall. More from VT Digger

  • Northern Vermont communities are suffering from the decline in the Canadian dollar. It's costing Canadians at least 20% more to visit Vermont. Click to Read more here.

  • Vermont's attempt to go it alone with a universal health care system for everybody has proven a disaster. What went wrong with the system. Read more, by clicking here.

Spring is finally here and with it the annual Bridgewater Raft Race. This event is now in its 41st year and seems to attract a several hundred onlookers. View our video on the race which even includes some drone shots!

Vermont's fishing season opens


The Fishing Season

It's open and nowhere is the fishing better than the Choiniere-Willoughby River Access in northeastern Vermont. Read more about this fishing spot that is so favoured by the locals. See slide shows and video:

Trout jumping video

Trout jumping slide show

Restocking program


Vermont's fishing season opens