What's Happening in Vermont

  • The face of northeastern Vermont is changing, first with its two ski resorts, Jay Peak and Burke Mountain, and now with a new airport proposal for Newport. Jay Peak developer Bill Stenger wants to build a $20 million terminal, warehouse and flight design assembly facility at the Newport State Airport in Coventry. Read more here...

  • Northern Vermont communities are suffering from the decline in the Canadian dollar. It's costing Canadians at least 20% more to visit Vermont. Click to Read more here.

  • Vermont's attempt to go it alone with a universal health care system for everybody has proven a disaster. What went wrong with the system. Read more, by clicking here.

foliage seasonEvery year Vermont's Green Mountains explode with color. The foliage season is the state's most important tourist attraction, even outweighing the ski season. But, it only lasts three or four weeks and if you really want to catch the best of it, read our forum posts. There are thousands of postings about where to go and when to come. If you have a question, become a member of the forum and several of the regulars will answer you promptly.




Before the bugs come out in force take a leisurely trip by canoe down the River Clyde in northeastern Vermont. We made this video a couple of years ago. You can still rent a canoe for the evening outside West Charleston. See the video here

Vermont's fishing season opens