Some Advice on Vermont Farm Fresh Turkeys for Thanksgiving and the holiday season

Vermont Turkeys

As you might guess, eating turkey meat that hasn't come from a "turkey factory" is a whole lot more tasty and possibly better for you. Turkeys permitted to wander around "free range style" are sure to result in better flavor. They may even taste "earthier." We've all heard the horror stories where tainted processed grains have been fed to animals in captivity. As well, with a "factory turkey," you are sure to get some infinitesimal residue from the antibiotics fed to the birds. With enough antibiotic intake from turkey and other "factory raised foods" you could become intolerant to antibiotic treatment when you really need it.

There is a better way of course, and that is naturally raised organic turkey. You'll pay a whole lot more but it may be worth it. Don't just buy anything that is labelled organic. Trace down the producer and see if you can find out how the animals were raised.

Well, how do you come across such a turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner? You might contact some of the country stores in Vermont's rural areas and find out if they plan to stock locally produced turkeys for Thanksgiving. You could start checking the list below of major Vermont turkey producers. They may have either what you want or be able to steer you to a smaller producer who is just selling them for local consumption. Want to know more about Vermont Turkeys? Post a question in our Turkey Forum and we'll try to find an expert answer for you!

Click here for a list of Vermont Turkey farms!

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