Challenging Roads

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Challenging Roads

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Tue Sep 28, 2004 12:13 pm

These roads are for those folks who don’t mind dirt roads and a challenge. These roads are all of route 100 between Waitsfield and Rochester. The most challenging is the Lincoln Gap Road. It is mostly paved with 2 dirt sections. The drive over the top is twisty, steep and narrow. Your brakes will get a workout!! It starts as the Lincoln Gap Road off route 100 in Warren. It starts as the Lincoln Road of route 116 in Bristol. The least challenging is the Bethel Mountain Road. It is paved all the way. It has some good views at the top. You can pick it up in Rochester at the north end of the village green. It ends on route 12 Bethel. I’ve already mentioned Texas Falls before. It’s off route 125 in Hancock. This is also an easy road to do. The next road is the Roxbury Mountain Road / Warren Mountain Road. You can pick that up by taking the Brook Road until you come to a 4 way intersection. The Roxbury Mountain Road on the right. Great view of the Mad River Valley. It ends on route 12A in Roxbury. Its starts as the Warren Road on route 12A in Roxbury. The next one is National Forest Road 55. It’s called the West Hill Road in Granville. The road is off route 100 behind the Blue Moose Bend craft center in Granville. This road is narrow, wedged between a hill and the stream. Drive it to the first intersection and bear left and drive through the gate. Just before you come to the second gate there is a road on the right. This is an interesting road but it doesn’t have many long views. Drive it if you wish. Going through the second gate drive until you see an old field on your right. There is a small drive going up to the field. It can be done by a car, but if you aren’t sure, find a place to park and walk the drive. It’s only a couple hundred feet to the view. To the northeast you have a long mountain view. To the south you are looking straight into the mountain. Look half way up that mountain for an area of different colored trees. That’s where you are going next. Walk back to you car. When you get to that little right curve on the way back, look to your left. The house and barn use to be there. Driving on you will go around a sharp left curve, past some camps and around another sharp left curve. Driving on you will see another open field on your right. That’s right, it’s another farm. There were quite a few farms up here. Soon you will come to 2 areas that have been lumbered a few years ago. Some great views up there! After these 2 areas you will come an area with planted pines. Look to your left and see if you can find a line of rocks that don’t look natural. Park and check it out. It is a foundation. Great stone work. You will come to the end soon. Turn around and go back to Granville. Whew, this is pretty log winded. I do the Bingo Road in another post tonight.

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