The Green Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go! So I did! Today! (6/23/19). Mt. Snow and the Blue Bird Express!

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The Green Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go! So I did! Today! (6/23/19). Mt. Snow and the Blue Bird Express!

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Sun Jun 23, 2019 7:14 pm

So..... lately I've really needed my Vermont “shot in the arm” and the Greens have been been beckoning me to come up to visit. I could not resist this gorgeous top ten day in Vermont! (And throughout New England for that matter). This morning we left around 9 to make the 11 opening weekend time frame at Mt. Snow for the Blue Bird Express to the summit. This was my fourth time on the ride and it NEVER disappoints! Today was absolutely splendid with the clearest skies, 72 at the mountain and no humidity. (We came back to CT and it was 88!!!!) Crazy! :shock:

Seriously, I love every inch of my state of Connecticut, but when you get to the top of the mountains in Vermont and see layers upon layers of ranges cascading one after the other, well it just takes your breath away! The views around the summit of Mt. Snow are simply mind blowing! There was hardly anyone riding the Blue Bird Express being it was opening weekend so it was pretty much quiet hiking around the summit on the loop trail. I kept the hiking a bit short today because after yesterday's steep and unrelenting hike to the summit of Lions Head Overlook in Salisbury CT (extreme NW corner of CT) and never again rock scrambling adventure, I was pretty much physically exhausted! (I did enjoy hiking the AT in CT and met some “interesting” :roll: AT hikers......…) The loop trail around the Mt. Snow summit is very low key and just what I needed to soak in the clean, cool mountain air with light breezes. Vermont was indeed sparkling today! 8)

The icing on the cake at the summit is always the view of Somerset Reservoir! OMG it is amazing! It was so blue! At every opening around the summit trail you could get a view of the reservoir. At the top of the Bullwheel Restaurant you can walk on the deck for priceless long views as well.

If you are in the vicinity of Mt. Snow, do stop by and take the Blue Bird Express up to the summit. You will be richly rewarded with breath taking views in every direction. I prefer a clear day to get the best long views and it was perfect in every way today. 100% visibility! I will include their link at the bottom of this post. They will be open most weekends all the way through mid October. The ride up is a bit pricey but totally worth it. ($15.00 per adult). I have a link somewhere in the forum a few years back for all the tram, gondola or lift rides which I hope to update this summer. I have completed almost all of the 8 rides (I think that is the total?) except for Burke which I will do at the Burke Fall Foliage Festival in late September. My favorite will always be the single chair lift at Mad River Glen which I take each autumn.

On the way back we stopped at Wahoo's Eatery in Wilmington and the burgers were DEEEELISH! My first time there and it was great. So many happy folks tooling about and I had a nice chat with a lady from Greenwich CT who has a place in Wilmington. I seem to meet so many nice people every time I'm up there just happy to be in Vermont! I feel so fortunate to be so close to the southern tier and I can get to route 9 in just two hours. Route 112 from the Mohawk Trail is my go to route and from Old Colrain to route 100 to Wilmington is quite beautiful.

The Blueberry Festival is coming soon in the Dover location and is not to be missed!

Gosh, I'm feel so happy when I am in Vermont! It was a totally blue and green day! My heart is full! :D :D :D

The flyer is from last year but the 2019 Blueberry schedule is up. It is a wonderful, fun filled event!
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