Happy New Year 2021! Turning the page once again towards a new year- a brighter, healthier, happier one at that!

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Happy New Year 2021! Turning the page once again towards a new year- a brighter, healthier, happier one at that!

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Fri Jan 01, 2021 5:21 pm

Happy New Year Scenes of Vermont Foliage Friends! May this post find you and your loved ones safe and healthy. What a year this has been! I'm not sure I'll ever have the right words to describe 2020, but for me, it felt like the world came to a standstill, sort of like the twilight zone? It's been the strangest experience I have ever lived through and it won't pass soon enough for me. :shock:

I started today with my annual New Year's Day hike at a local reservoir, scouting for bald eagles. (No luck yet - a photographer a few weeks ago showed me where to case out a few spots, but maybe next time). It was a cool, brisk morning and I knew I would feel revived once I was out in the natural world. Surrounded by the smell of the pines, singing birds and screeching hawks with the water close by, I felt a sudden jolt of hopefulness and optimism, that all will be well in the coming months. I could see that spark in people's faces during my hike (despite the masks) that 2021 is here and we are in for positive changes. Mother Nature will not stand still for this pandemic and it sure feels comforting to be outdoors where normalcy abounds.

On another note, I truly hope the sugaring season is not cancelled in Vermont again, but I have a feeling it may be too soon. It is right up there with my Vermont foliage vacations, but as a backup, at least I have my own state to rely on. (My huge jug of first draw Grade A golden delicate maple syrup from Gateway Farm in Bristol, VT is almost empty. But in the alternative, I can order it online just in case.)

I will be looking forward once again to another great foliage season in Vermont. I feel in my gut that Vermont will be opening it doors to tourism full swing. I'm actually getting quite excited just putting that in writing! :D (Minnesotaman, get those reservations back for Woodstock!) :mrgreen:

Be well all! I'll be around during the coming months on the forum with various tid bits as usual. As always, get outside and HIKE AWAY!
(And count your blessings!)

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!


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