Foliage Report

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Foliage Report

Post: # 22714Post pwt54
Thu Sep 26, 2019 8:55 am

Well, I've finally had time to check the foliage this week. My brother and I took a tour of the Northeast Kingdom on Sunday. Route 100 from Stowe up to Lowell were a little early but the stressed trees along the road and in the wet spots looked terrific. Route 58 east to Westmore looked about the same, except the section between Irasburg and Orleans. This section has the wrong type of trees.
When rt 58 ended at rt 5a we turned right and checked out Lake Willoughby. The place was packed. The color was early along the lake. We took the Hinton Hill road over to the Hudson Road, turned right and turned right again onto route 105 east to get to Island Pond. The color on Hinton Hill rd perked up about where the pavement ended. The color to Island Pond was still early but the were hot spots in the wet areas.
After lunch at Hobo's we went back the way we came and picked up Route 114 south. We went about a mile and looked for Newark Street on the right side. We drove up and checked out Job's Pond. Still early there but all of the maples were show their red leaves. A couple of trees next to the pond were on fire. We drove Newark street to rt 5a and went West Burke. The color in this area was very early. This is normal. We went down to Lyndonville and took the Stannard Mountain Road to Greensboro Bend. Not much color until after South Wheelock. The color at the higher elevations was terrific, but the lower elevations were stil early. It was getting dark so we just drove home
I'd guess the the northeast area of VT, east of Route 100 and north of Route 15 should be worth the ride.
Yesterday my brother and I went to Wells River. We took Route 15 east to route US 2 in West Danville, and turned left to get to the traffic light in Danville village and turned right onto the Peacham / Groton Road. Color was early but widespread. When this road ended at Route US 302 we turned left to get to the P & H Truck Stop for lunch. Then we continued Rt US 302 east through Wells River, VT and Woodsville, NH. Not much color in this area. We turned left at the traffic light and drove until we spotted Route 112 east on the right side. This section of the road is called the Lost River Road until you get to Woodstock, NH. Then it's called the Kancamugus Highway. Color from the junction to the coved bridge in Swiftwater was early but after there perked up. The trees next to road were very colorful. It was like this all the way to te highest elevation of the Kancamaugus Highway. After there the color was very early and dull. We picked up route US 302 in Conway. NH and took it west through Crawford Notch. Not much color until the top of the Notch. Good early color to Littleton, NH. BTW, the Notch Train was parked on the side of the clift and the riders were out with their cameras and I-phones. That notch Train is a heck of a ride if you can afford it.

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Re: Foliage Report

Post: # 22716Post ctyanky
Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:07 am

Excellent report Phil as always! Thanks for taking the time to do the tour. Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday in Peacham! Al and Bob are caravaning with us. Don't forget to get your coffee and cider donut and be prepared for some crazy ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

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