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Long Trail humor

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:50 am
by deaner1971
In case any of you have enjoyed the gracious hospitality of the Long Trail and come away with the scars to prove it, I thought I would pass along this article. ... wsletter01

I remember the time I was in Up For Breakfast and three slightly dirty young people came in and proceeded to eat an amount of food that had to comprise about 30% of their total body weight. They then walked out and put back on packs equal to 50% of their body weight and headed off again with a girm determination that many doubt people of their age possess.

That was the day I realized two things: 1) I love that in Vermont you can still leave a backpack for a few minutes and not have it taken (although any thieves considering those bags may have inhaled 80 miles worth of back sweat and thought the better of it) and 2) any dream of doing the LT will have to wait until they start cloning body parts (specifically two new knees, an ankle and one hip, if anyone is taking pre-orders).

By the way, the references to dissappearances is in regards to the "Bennington Triangle" legends about the area along the trail, north of its namesake.

Re: Long Trail humor

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:19 pm
by ctyanky
Even Dean: that was a great read! I liked the part about following the bear on the trail and I never knew about the "Bennington Triangle" either. I may just have to google that later! :shock:

The ending was great - the "inner monkey" - what a funny way to end the piece. He kept me captivated and it was so funny in parts. Did you experience your "inner monkey" in Vermont?

Hope you all get to read the story.

Even Dean: thanks for bringing some life back to the Musings Forum! :wink:

Re: Long Trail humor

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:04 am
by deaner1971
If you find the "Bennington Triangle" interesting, you should check out Joseph A. Citro's "non"-fiction. His fiction work is interesting, if disturbing, but his non-fiction compilations of Vermont legends and lore are excellent.

He is a very nice gentleman as I found out when I took advantage of something a bit special that he offers. You contact him directly via his website can buy his works from him directly then, if you so wish, he will autograph them prior to sending them out. He even has a nicely done CD where he reads some of the tales. The CD can be fun for some of those nighttime drives around the Green Mountains.

You can contact him and place your order via his website:

Since we all tend to be in Vermont around October, you can also catch him in the lead into Halloween on VPR.