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Home Is Where The Heart Is.

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:55 pm
by ctyanky
I have two homes. One where I reside, and another where my heart remains every time I leave.

Is it possible to live in one place and love another just the same, if not more? In my case, yes. Don’t get me wrong. I do love my home state. My roots are here. My Dad had a very small dairy farm here as a young man. This is where my happy childhood took hold. I have scoured every part of my state and love it all. I hardly need a map because my internal compass guides me.

Yet I travel to Vermont every chance I get. It is forever calling to me. When I cross the border, I truly feel as if I am "coming home". I’m not sure what my future holds as far as moving there. I’ll leave that to fate.

If it is a matter of being "unfaithful" to the state in which I live, then I am guilty.

Yes, home is where the heart is. And my heart belongs to Vermont. Always.

Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:21 am
by pwt54
Being a real live, genuine, retired Vermonter, I too have 2 homes. Vermont and Florida. If you are looking for a REAL Vermonter in the winter, head for Florida. Most of them are on the west side between Tampa and Fort Myers. Because I find REAL Vermonters kind of annoying, I stay on the east side. 8)