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Welcome to the new Scenes of Vermont Musings!

Posted: Fri Aug 20, 2010 6:06 pm
by ctyanky
For Vermonters and those “from away” (us flatlanders), :wink: you now have a place to share some of your special experiences in Vermont. What has inspired you to keep returning to Vermont year after year? Do you have fond memories as a child, or more recently as an adult, living or vacationing in Vermont? Do you have a second home here and why did you choose Vermont? Did you once live in Vermont and move, and now yearn to get back there? Get lost on a back road and found your way out laughing (or not)? A funny GPS tale? Make any new friends through the SOV forums? Care to share a blissful moment you had while traveling around the state in any season? For those of you who live there, what makes Vermont special for you?

Although not specifically directed towards foliage, photography or activities and events questions, (which can be found through their respective forums), this forum will be a place to share thoughts on your “Vermont Experience”. I think it can prove to be quite fun! If you have a photo to go with your musing, feel free to upload! You can use your login name and password as you would for any of the other SOV forums.

If you would like to post, start out with a new topic and title. Looking forward to some activity here. We’ll see where it takes us! Let’s have some fun with this! :D