NYC to Rutland

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NYC to Rutland

Post: # 3804Post oleg01
Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:08 am

Could you please suggest the most scenic route(s) to drive to Rutland from South? I will be using either I-91 or I-87 to get to Vermont on Saturday, October 7. My last 3 trips I arrived via I-91 (Quenchee, Woodstock) or via I-87 (Adirondaks, Vt - Rt 4 to Rt 73 and to Middlebury). Should I try to use Rt 100 or I-89 this time?

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Re: NYC to Rutland

Post: # 3805Post Beth
Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:51 am

A very "scenic" way from NYC, is
Taconic State Parkway north to Rt. 90 where is ends. Then take either Rt. 22A North to Rt. 9 in NY turns to Rt. 7 into Bennington, Vermont.
Take Historic 7 A North and keep going north. Route 7 takes you to Rutland.

Rt. 100 is too inland and will not drop you into Rutland. You have to head back west, unless you're not in a rush. Then I would take it up to 103 west to Rutland. There are so many different route from NYC to choose. I've done a million ways and many depend on time of day traveling, am I trying to make time or scenic and what the weather factor is.

This route will take longer but be more scenic. Less traffic on a Saturday then Thruway or 91.

There are so many options.. I have more if you like.. I've probably tried them all !

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Re: NYC to Rutland

Post: # 3806Post oleg01
Wed Sep 13, 2006 10:17 am

backroad_explorer -
Thanks for your suggestions. I totally agree with you that it depends on such factors as time,foliage,weather, etc. I should probably plan to have a few routes handy in case the conditions change. I will start out of NYC early in the morning and I plan to be on Interstate at least by 8:00 am. I am in no rush at all. But if the weather is very bad with no sign of improvement during the day, then I will take the shortest route. It is I-87. Same goes for "poor foliage" situation in Central VT. Otherwise, the choice of Interstate to VT will be based solely on the most scenic, photogenic Route in VT from its border to Rutland area. If foliage is good in Central VT on Columbus weekend, then we will use the fastest route to VT to get there and will take our time once we get there.

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Re: NYC to Rutland

Post: # 3807Post dfpvt
Wed Sep 13, 2006 12:48 pm

This is an unusual, very scenic route that goes through small villages and undeveloped areas.

87 north to Route 29 at Saratoga Springs (exit 15, follow signs to 29 East).
East (right) on 29 to Route 22 north.
North (left) on 22 to Salem, NY.
East on 153 at Salem to E.Rupert, VT.
North(left) on Route 30 at E.Rupert.
Right on Route 133 in center of Pawlet, VT.
Follow 133 to Route 4 and into Rutland
or follow 140 from Middletown Sprgs to Route 7 at Wallingford and turn north on Route 7 to Rutland.

This is much better than NY7/VT9/VT7. Print out a Mapquest map before you go. The roads are all well marked.

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Re: NYC to Rutland

Post: # 3808Post oleg01
Wed Sep 13, 2006 1:27 pm

dfpvt -

Great Thanks !!! I will print out the map and will do the Route you suggest.

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Re: NYC to Rutland

Post: # 3809Post pwt54
Wed Sep 13, 2006 6:24 pm

That's a great ride dfpvt.

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Re: NYC to Rutland

Post: # 3811Post Hollie
Thu Sep 28, 2006 8:28 pm

We've driven Rt. 9 to Rt. 7 to 100. It was a nice ride and we got to see some really nice foliage. There's a really senic area stop with a lake along the way. We were able to take some really great pictures there.

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