Logan Airport to Burlington

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Logan Airport to Burlington

Post: # 2514Post Bocamart
Sun Sep 04, 2005 6:20 pm

Hello everyone..

We will be driving from Boston early on October 2 to our lodging in the Burlington area.
Could anyone suggest a "backroads" trip enroute that might include waterfalls, covered bridges, and or farms. We are "newbies" to the forum and are most grateful to have this amazing website available. Thanks,

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Re: Logan Airport to Burlington

Post: # 2515Post pwt54
Sun Sep 04, 2005 7:33 pm

First of all, get to Vermont the quickest way. Take I-93 north to Concord, New Hampshire and pick up route I-89 north there. Get off on exit one in Vermont. At the end of the ramp turn left for route US 4 west. The first thing you will come to is Quechee Gorge. Park by the bridge and walk on the bridge to see the Gorge. Continue on route US 4 west for about 2 miles and look for the Waterman Hill Road going to Quechee Villge on the right side. There is a covered bridge on this road. When you are done go back to route US 4 and turn right. Drive US 4 west to Taftsville and look for a covered bridge on the right. Continue route US 4 west through Woodstock and toward Killington. You will see another covered bridge next to US 4 in West Woodstock. Continue route US 4 past route 100 south in Bridgewater and pick up route 100 north in Killington. Drive route 100 north to route 125 west in Hancock village. Drive about 4 or 5 miles and look for signs for Texas Falls. The falls are about 1/2 of a mile up the Texas Falls Road. If the parking area next to the falls is full, there is more parking above there. There is a restroom at the first parking area and another on just past the picnic area on the left. When you are done there go back to route 125 and turn left. Go back to route 100 and turn left and continue route 100 north. Just north of Granville village you will come to Granville Gulf. This is a twisty road so go slow and look to the left for Moss Glen Falls. There is a parking area just past the falls. Hopefully it's not full because there is no other parking nearby. Continue route 100 north until you see signs for Warren Village. Turn right on Main Street and drive toward Warren Village and you will see a covered bridge. Continue Main street through the village until you come to route 100 again and turn right. When you come to Waitsfield Village, look for Bridge Street on the right just before the library. This takes you to a covered bridge. Go back to route 100 north and turn right. Drive route 100 north throught Waterbury village and to I-89 north for Burlington. ( If you miss route 100 north and end up on route 100B, don't worry. Continue route 100B to route US 2 in Middlesex and turn left. In about a 1/2 mile you will come to I-89 on your right.

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Re: Logan Airport to Burlington

Post: # 2516Post dkramer
Thu Sep 08, 2005 2:25 pm

As always, PWT's suggestions are right on the money. I will throw one other suggestion for you in case you would like to go over a mountain pass during your trip up. In Waitsfield, make a left onto 17 West (you can certainly go past here and visit the covered bridge in town at Bridge Street first; just make a left onto 100 south afterwards and come back to the junction of 17...and make a right instead of a left onto 17, of course). This road goes past Mad River Glen ski area and up through the Appalachian Gap. There is a parking area at the top where there is a reasonably good view. The windy ride down the other side is quite pretty (but go slow!). At the stop sign (a good 8-10 miles from the top I believe), make a left onto 17 west/116 south, go through Bristol, and stay on 17 when the two routes split. Continue until US 7, and make a right onto 7 North. You can take this all the way to Burlington. Alternatively, for a quieter ride (and equally scenic...perhaps more so; 7 gets busy once you hit Shelburne or so), make a right at that stop sign and take 116 north through Starksboro, Hinesburg, and eventually right into Burlington (road ends at US 2). Hope that helps.


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