Route 17 - Lincoln Gap Rd

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Route 17 - Lincoln Gap Rd

Post: # 1691Post jerryb2004
Fri Oct 01, 2004 6:55 am

I have noticed a few references to Route 17 and Lincoln Gap Rd. Are these the same or different roads? It sounds like Lincoln Gap Rd may be a bit challenging.

We are arriving in Stowe on 10/8, and will be doing day trips for one week (staying at the Mountain Road Resort).

One of the trips take us south on 100 to 125; west on 125 to Middlebury; north on US-7 to 116 to 17; then on 17 to 100 and back to Stowe. (Mapquest suggested staying on 116 to 2A to I-89 to Stowe on the way back). We have identified a number of waterfalls, bridges and other points of interest along the way. I just do not want to end up taking route 17 if it is too callenging.

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Re: Route 17 - Lincoln Gap Rd

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Fri Oct 01, 2004 7:03 am

Route 17 is the Appalachian Gap road and the Lincoln Gap Road is just south of there. Lincoln Gap will give your brakes a real workout. Route 17 will give your brakes a moderate workout. That area will be past peak and maybe bare at the tops. But both roads are fun drives if your brakes are in good shape.

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