Pumpkins, sweet cider, Indian corn, apples from the orchard and CIDER DONUTS! I'm ready to dive into autumn!

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Pumpkins, sweet cider, Indian corn, apples from the orchard and CIDER DONUTS! I'm ready to dive into autumn!

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Tue Sep 20, 2022 2:23 pm

Hello fall foliage fanatics! Ok, this craving of mine just got the best of me so off I went to the NW corner of CT to an orchard that's been on my CT bucket list for quite awhile. I was also checking out the foliage progression in the NW corner's higher elevations. Things are moving a lot faster up there than last year, probably due to the drought (although they were not as bad in the NW corner as other parts of CT). The colors coming on are ruby reds, oranges and bright red but they are scattered and mostly flares, but it is a good sign. The trees are holding their breath waiting for the upcoming colder nights! :P The dulling is really significant so with the cold snap coming in a couple of days, things will really progress up there. This area of CT often mimics SW VT due to the elevation.

Anyways, oh what a great place Averill Farm is, located in Litchfield County, New Preston. It has also been listed in Washington so not sure what town it really is in. I got some sweet cider, a DOZEN cider donuts, beautiful Indian corn now displayed at my front door, lots of fresh macs and a cute little pumpkin! The location is on a hill with beautiful views north. I've already eaten two donuts so am planning some hikes this weekend to work them off (maybe more donuts?). I took Slaughterhouse Road back down to 202. It was beautiful! It was in the 60's all day with blue skies and white puffy clouds. I love the NW corner!

If anyone is in the CT area for foliage I have found a hidden gem spot for photographers. It is at the cemetery on Baldwin Hill Road leading up to the orchard. There is a long, single, white steeple pushing through the dense forest and this will be an incredible spot to photograph when the colors pop here. It reminds me of the photos of Stowe that are so popular of the church steeple.

Anyways, have a great week and get those pumpkins, corn stalks and cider donuts, and decorate to your heart's content!


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