Ramping up the VT hiking scene this summer, stellar 4th of July weekend in Woodstock on the Faulkner Trail to Mt. Tom!

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Ramping up the VT hiking scene this summer, stellar 4th of July weekend in Woodstock on the Faulkner Trail to Mt. Tom!

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Mon Jul 04, 2022 8:41 am

Happy 4th to our SOV foliage fanatics! Woodstock was absolutely gorgeous Sunday, July 3rd. The weather was picture perfect, in the 70s with a steady breeze, blue bird skies and white puffy clouds (and no bugs)! Can you say “blissful”? Headed up early morning from northern CT to Faulkner Park to hike to the star at the summit and on to The Pogue (pond) on the Faulkner Trail. There are a series of pretty manageable switchbacks that were meticulously maintained right up to South Peak where panoramic views of the valley below and the town of Woodstock were glorious. The later portion of the hike to the summit (peak, called the star) was narrow, strenuous and treacherous, with rocks and ruts, and I had to hold on the the wire cables for dear life. Someone warned us before we headed up that some of the cables were missing but I didn't find that it hampered that part of the climb. I saw folks in birkenstocks and sandals and I thought seriously? I think good hiking shoes are a must for this climb because of all the rocks and ruts sticking out. Anyways, after the summit we went another couple of miles to the Pogue on the Mt. Tom Road which interconnects with various trails throughout. The open fields were beautiful with long views and the breezes kept us really cool as did the dense forest canopy. We hiked just over four miles with the hardest portion being from the first long view of the town of Woodstock (nice benches here to rest) to the summit which is coined “the star”. You really had to be diligent about watching every step here and taking hold of the steel cables. I would say this was difficult and steep so be forewarned if you do this hike. Pogue Pond looks to be gorgeous in the fall and you can also access the pond by way of the Mt. Tom Road which starts at Billings Farm I'm pretty sure. So tired when I got home but I am so excited about the next 3 hikes this summer in Vermont!


https://www.nps.gov/mabi/planyourvisit/ ... trails.htm
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