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One final help pls

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:01 am
by bhavdeep
Guys I need urgent help on this. The hotels are almost gone. The once I called had one or two rooms remaining. So, I have to book it real fast. Here is my plan.

Friday night stay in Killington. (Mountain Sports Inn)

Day 1 Saturday:---- go north on 100 upto Derby and stay there. (Super 8 Motel)

Day 2 Sunday:---- go 111,114, 3, 145 and take 16 down to Gorham. Stay in Gorham on sunday night. (Top Notch Inn)

Day 3 Monday:--- morning peep a bit into whitemountains (bethlehem, Franconia and LIttleton) and return back.

Pls tell me if I am overestimating the time required from Killington to Newport. I am keeping a day for it.. Or would you suggest merging first two days to one day?

Thanks a million

Re: One final help pls

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:27 am
by pwt54
Killington to Newport is Okay. The only problem spot I can see is the drive home. You may be looking at a 12 hour day.

Re: One final help pls

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:48 am
by bhavdeep
Thanks pwt54 for that quick reply. But is the drive from killington to Newport a one day trip? Or can it be done in a couple of hours. I have no idea about that area. Pls advice.

Thanks again.

Re: One final help pls

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 10:11 am
by pwt54
You could do Killington to Derby in about 3 hours on route 100 if you boogie along. I believe this will be the shortest time of any of your trips. You will have plenty of time to wnader around so let me give you a couple of ideas. About an hour from Killington on route 100 you come to route 125 west on the left side in Hancock Village. Turn left on to route 125 west and in about 2 miles look for a sign saying Texas Falls. The road is about 500 feet ahead on your right. Check out the falls then turn around and go back to route 125 and turn left. When you get back to route 100 north turn left and continue. About 2 miles north is Moss Glen Falls on your left right next to the road. The parking area is just past the falls on the left. Continue route 100 north. There is a tricky spot on route 100 a few miles north of Waitsfield. You have to turn left for route 100 after a corner. If you go straight you will be on route 100B. Don't panic! Just drive route 100B to the end at route US 2 in Middlesex and turn left for Waterbury.. Routes US 2 and 100 meet in Waterbury. Just before Waterbury you will see where route 100 comes in on your left. Go past route 100 and through Waterbury village. Look for a stone railroad overpass and you will see route 100 north on your right. About a mile above you will see Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory on your left. Continue route 100 north straigh through the flashing red light in Stowe to the flashing red Light in Morrisville. Turn left at the Morrisville light and at the bottom of the hill turn left again. Drive through a green iron bridge abd take your first right. Drive that street to the traffic light and turn left on route 15 west. Go about 3 miles where you will pik up route 100 north again on the right. It's a tricky turn so slow down.Turn right onto route 100 north and it's a straight shot to Newport and Derby. Should take 8 hours or less.