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Most Covid-19 restrictions to be lifted by July 4th

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:40 am
by admin
Gov. Phil Scott has announced a plan to lift most Covid-19 restrictions by July 4.

At a press conference on Tuesday, April 6th, Vermont's Governor, Phil Scott unveiled a four-phase schedule for relaxing travel restrictions, loosening capacity limits for businesses, and eliminating gathering restrictions. Mr.Scott said the announcement was meant to allow families, businesses and other organizations budget and plan for the months ahead. “Our goal with this plan is to give Vermonters a transparent look at how we’ll be able to work our way out of this pandemic,” Scott said.

Masking and physical distancing guidelines remain throughout the first three phases. Both are still “encouraged” following July 4. Under the plan, travel guidelines would be lifted entirely by June 1, and all remaining limits on gatherings and events would be lifted by July 4. For details on the announcement visit: