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Magnificent Late Autumn Weather Unfolds in the Northeast!

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:56 am
by ctyanky
Hello SOV Fall Foliage Friends!

The weather the past few days, with more to come, could not be more stellar than what we are experiencing here in New England! In northern CT, we have been blessed with mid 70s for almost a week with 77 yesterday and 77 also forecast for today. The nights are cool and the days are dreamy - what more could you ask for in late fall weather? The oaks here in northern CT are putting on quite a show and it is wonderful to be outside all day into early evening experiencing such fine temps before the cold snap comes back! Folks out in shorts and t shirts and basking along the river banks. There was even an earthquake in some parts of the NE over the weekend! :shock:

Now is the time to get outside and savor those late turning leaves before they all end up on the ground. The burning bushes are popping out and adding an extra touch to the autumn glow. Silver maples are just turning bright yellow as well. We are having one of the best fall seasons in years here in Connecticut and to have these blissful autumn days before the seasons turn is such a blessing.

I've been hiking all weekend and with most of the leaves down, you can see quite a ways into the distance. So many old stone walls criss crossing the fields that were not visible when the trees were fully leafed out. No bugs, no humidity, clean crisp air and walking on crunchy leaf strewn paths is what makes hiking in stick season so enjoyable! Love this time of year! 8)

Hope you are all well and safe. A shout out to all our Veterans this coming Wednesday, 11/11!

Happy Stick Season!!!! CT