OFF TOPIC: Tough new anti Covid Rules for Vermont Ski areas

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OFF TOPIC: Tough new anti Covid Rules for Vermont Ski areas

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Wed Nov 04, 2020 7:28 am

Tough new COVID restrictions for the Vermont ski industry

If you want to ski in Vermont this season and you are from out-of-state you will have to meet a whole string of tough requirements. If you are in a red area outside of the state, a 14-day quarantine is required. Obviously this effectivey blocks a lot of out-of-state skiers because Vermont is currently surrounded by red area virus cases. Weekend ski patrollers from out-of state are not included in the restrictions because they've been deemed essential workers, but the ski areas have been asked to reduce the number of essential service personel from out of state and socializing by such workers is banned.

Another difficulty for the ski industry is that they've been unable to recruit students from South America this season due to immigration restrictions announced by President Trump earlier this year.

Ski areas will be required to collect detailed contact information on all visitors on a daily basis and to require those visitors to sign an affidavit declaring that if they have come from a red area, they have quarantined for 14 days prior to their visit. This measure is to facilitate contact tracing if there is an outbreak. If you lie on the affidavit and are caught, you will likely lose your money, ticket or season pass.

Major cutbacks in ski area services

Ski areas have been ordered to reduce their services by 50%. This means fewer people will be allowed on the lifts and gondolas. Six feet distancing will be required in lift lines and you won't be allowed to ride a quad/triple,or double with anyone else unless you are part of a family group. Everyone at the resorts will be required to wear masks.

No more than 75 people will be allowed at any one time in ski area cafeteria or ski lodges.

The full guidelines for ski area operation are publish on the state's websites:

Expect on going changes in the restrictions.


Six major rules now govern ski areas:

 Vermont Ski Resort COVID-19 Winter Operations Guidance - 2020-11-03.pdf

Cross State Travel Information

Most counties within a day's driving distance from Vermont have been declared red zones. This means any travellers must quarantine for 14 days before visiting Vermont or get a virus free check, in which case the quarantine can be reduced by sevend days. Check this link which is updated freqently. The page contains a map showing the current red areas ... ate-travel

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