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Connecticut (CT) and New Hampshire (calguy) on the backroads of NW CT!!!! Thursday, 10-22

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 11:03 am
by ctyanky
Hello SOV Fall Foliage Friends!!!!

On a glorious fall day we started our foliage adventure with peak color in Simsbury and North Canton. Our first stop for photos was at my favorite red barn in North Canton; it is overlooking a beautiful hillside with a couple of outbuildings and a pond. This is the barn where I got a magazine cover shot for a local publication. I stop here in every season, the location is just divine. Next stop was the Barkhamsted Reservoir where we picked up some great water reflections off the shore pullouts on 219 south of the construction. Heading west on 318 was full peak with lots of tree tunnels. Hooked on to 44 west to Winsted and took route 183 N and 182 W and looped back to 44. These roads were surprisingly past peak but still had many trees fully peaked out along the road. The hillsides were past peak. We took 44 west to Lower Road where we got some excellent photos of the very photographed North Canaan Congregational Church with a blazing sugar maple to frame the shots. Continuing on Lower Road we stopped at the Beckley Furnace historical site. A small, flowing waterfall in the rear and a nice stream (part of the Blackberry River?) with peak foliage under the foot bridge, made this a worthwhile stop. A different kind of photo op followed at the limestone quarry on Lower Road with bright yellow foliage on the ridge with cascading white quarry ledges below. We stopped to ask permission from one of the hard hats there and he told us there were previous issues with photogs getting too close to the falling rocks due to lots of buzz on social media to come there. We were the only ones so we were able to get close up shots of the scenic. It pays to be conscientious and ask permission at all times on private property. He gave us the go ahead to stop at the facility and take our photos.

The next destination took us to Salisbury where we hit the jackpot with peak conditions on the back roads! Wow! Taconic Road to Hammertown Road was jaw dropping. And cows!!!! A mother with her twin babies kept me occupied with many photo ops while Calguy sat patiently in his car. I was so excited I left the passenger door open and only got yelled at that one time, "Do you live in a barn or what?) :P The mountains behind Hammertown Road were on fire! We took the loop back to 41 South and at the last minute turned left on Old Beaver Dam Road. The mountain was fully peaked out with a ridge of flaming yellow foliage and Fisher pond was beautiful! This spot is awesome. It is between 41 South (Undermountain Road) and Taconic Road for anyone who loves the more rural back roads. Back to 44 west and on to Lakeville to Indian Mountain Road to Long Pond Road to Valley Road. Here we hit another peak foliage scene complete with a white fence paralleling the estate's property. Photo ops galore!!! We continued on Dug Road back to 41 south to the Sharon Town Green, one of the longest in the state and where I have gone for numerous craft fairs (sadly, not held this year). The homes surrounding the town green are historical colonials and it is worth a drive out there to see all the many beautiful features. On to route 7 South through Kent town center and then took 341 West to South Road, to Flat Rocks to our next most exciting stop on Treasure Hill Road! :D :D :D

This farm mimics Jenne Farm in so many ways. It is truly one of the best scenics in the NW corner of the state and a hidden gem. It is just past Ore Hill Road and at the bottom of the hill. Calguy loved it here, just wish the hillside was in peak but it was hard to figure out. Probably still early and one would need to get there by Sunday before the rains come. You would be so enchanted with this place you could stay there shooting forever!!!! At the bottom of Treasure Hill is a very old, weathered red barn for another photo op.

We turned around and took Ore Hill Road (just off Treasure Hill) and found a beautiful pasture full of beef cattle overlooking the distant mountains and pond. Lots of pictures here, I usually become one with any herd of cows and appreciate calguy's patience once again. :mrgreen: Headed down Peet Hill Road following someone's (very wealthy) amazing estate that went on forever! Passed a lady dressed in full riding gear near her horse. Ahhhhh!

Nearing the end of our trip, we took West Meetinghouse Road all the way back to New Milford and back up route 7 to 202. Our final destination was on Nod Road in Simsbury so Calguy could take the iconic shot of Hublein Tower above the Talcott Ridge with peak foliage top to bottom.

I only missed one very important stop at the West Cornwall Bridge because I took a wrong turn on route 7 so will save that for next autumn! Big faux pas. :evil:

What a productive day! Not to mention that the weather was divine! I am so happy to share my state with others because there is a lot of beauty here, and the topography is so diverse. We have mountains and rolling hills, quaint towns, villages, churches and town greens, incredible colonial architecture, AND you can be at the shoreline in an hour from the middle of the state.

If you are so inclined, you can take this route next fall and enjoy all of this beauty of the backroads and historic/landmark/iconic stops for great photo ops!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Calguy for driving down from New Hampshire to share this stellar fall day with me in Connecticut!


Re: Connecticut (CT) and New Hampshire (calguy) on the backroads of NW CT!!!! Thursday, 10-22

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 11:40 am
by ctyanky
ooops! I forgot to add that we first stopped at Penwood State Forest on route 185 in Bloomfield when we saw tree tunnels of yellow into the forest pathways. The pond looked like it had excellent reflections but it was all wire fenced in and it looked recent! We also stopped at a very old cemetery in Salisbury that I've always wanted to visit. "Dutcher's Bridge Burying Ground". It was a bit hidden off a side road and here is what the marker said, "Bought in 1802 by the Town of Salisbury for $1 from Captain Ruluff Dutcher, whose family came from the Hudson Valley, and in 1720 bought this land in Weatogue. Earliest stone 1767 ~ Latest 1882". Just a fascinating diversion!!!!

Re: Connecticut (CT) and New Hampshire (calguy) on the backroads of NW CT!!!! Thursday, 10-22

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 3:07 pm
by calguy
Thank you ctyanky for a great tour of NW CT as I was able to get a lot of great shots of the area.
Cherry Brook Farm

Re: Connecticut (CT) and New Hampshire (calguy) on the backroads of NW CT!!!! Thursday, 10-22

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 3:22 pm
by calguy
Three more

Re: Connecticut (CT) and New Hampshire (calguy) on the backroads of NW CT!!!! Thursday, 10-22

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 3:30 pm
by calguy
Three more pictures

Re: Connecticut (CT) and New Hampshire (calguy) on the backroads of NW CT!!!! Thursday, 10-22

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 3:34 pm
by calguy
Now the l figured out how to get the labels correctly attached to the picture I only have one more to go.

Re: Connecticut (CT) and New Hampshire (calguy) on the backroads of NW CT!!!! Thursday, 10-22

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2020 6:31 am
by ctyanky
Thanks for posting all these great photos from our day trip into the NW corner of CT Calguy! I'm already looking forward to our tours next fall so make sure Bogey, your partner in crime, makes it this time! He really missed a very stellar day with perfect conditions! I was hiking in Roxbury yesterday and will take you on two of the best back dirt roads in Roxbury CT, Battleswamp Road and Judds Bridge Road. The Shepaug River meanders along Judds Bridge and there is a famous barn at the intersection there. They will be perfect for leaf tunnels. The towns and villages of Roxbury, Sherman, northern New Milford, Washington and Washington Depot, are where we will concentrate next fall. :D I'll try to connect with bobbav from the forum here to see where to go in Woodbury.

My friend saw a bobcat on Battleswamp yesterday, and I missed it because I was lagging behind. Long hike! :mrgreen:

Thanks again for posting these, a memorable day indeed. CT