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State foliage report for October 14th, 2020

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 5:20 pm
by admin
Two words describe Vermont’s foliage this week: Beauty endures. Even as peak conditions begin to subside in much of the state, spectators will surely be struck by just how much color is hanging on. Broad hillsides continue to display an excellent range of reds, golds, and even still some green, while fuller and more pronounced foliage is dominant in the foothills, sheltered hollows, and river valleys, and especially in western and southern Vermont and along the Taconic Mountains. Even individual trees with some bare branches continue to flaunt colorful cores.

Recreation Recommendations
Cyclists can appreciate the views while touring southern Vermont’s many back roads, and there’s no wrong destination for a hike this time of year, though two good bets are Mount Equinox and Dorset Mountain. And whether you want to enjoy a foliage walk on the trails or just sit quietly by the Japanese Garden, Taconic Mountains Ramble State Park is not to be missed, especially while it’s lit up by great foliage this week