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State foliage report for September 25th, 2020

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 4:20 pm
by admin
This week marks the official start of fall, and that feels right in sync with what we are experiencing on the ground. Early risers in many parts of Vermont have awakened to a moonlit silver sheen of frost on the ground, and cool and abundantly sunny days have made for perfect leaf peeping weather.

Foliage is brightest and most widespread in the northeast part of the state and along the spine of the Green Mountains, where splashes of color are emerging — most prominently in Orleans and Essex Counties, especially in wetlands and at higher elevations. Elsewhere in the state, forests are still predominantly green, promising plenty of time to explore fall color in the weeks ahead. The canvas is not yet lit with reds and yellows yet in your favorite forest but remember to look up into the trees on your next walk in the woods. You will likely be surprised by the occasional, vivid patch of color on a branch high above as certain trees turn before their neighbors.

With warm and beautiful weather forecast throughout the week, this is a great time to take in the trees from the water, and to make a full weekend of the adventure by camping out. Consider a paddle on one of the Northeast Kingdom’s many iconic lakes and ponds. And while there’s no shortage of places to pitch a tent in Vermont, many of the best sites are at our state parks. Visit the Vermont State Parks Website to see which ones are still open for the season.

Whether your fall foliage adventure includes an evening campfire, or you’re just roasting marshmallows in the backyard, please be aware of the abnormally dry conditions Vermont is currently experiencing and the need for extra caution with open burning. Help us reduce the risk of wildland fires and learn more about guidance for open burning.

Morgan, overlooking Lake Seymour today