Early September 2020 update

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Early September 2020 update

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Mon Aug 31, 2020 10:19 am

I am writing this on August 31st as summer begins to fade. Some trees in the Northeast Kingdom, or north eastern Vermont to those from away, are beginning to turn. They are the stressed trees but their color is pretty good. With foliage season overshadowed by the virus, it is going to be a quiet season. The US still has one of the highest rates of cases in the world and travel from overseas has been cut off because of it. Canada continues to ban non essential travel across the 3,000 mile border and will likely continue as long as the US fails to get control of the disease. Meanwhile, Vermont still has the lowest rate and is trying to keep it that way by requiring masks and limiting travel from beyond its borders. If you come to see the foliage, there is nothing to prevent you from coming for a day, but if you want stay, you may be required to quarantine for up to two weeks. It depends on where you are coming from and the regulations keep changing. Lodging establishments are limited to one half or less of their total occupancy and must document all their customers incase tracing is required. The state is still operating a tipster line so violators may be caught. My advise for foliage peepers who want to travel around and view the color is to come in a motor home or camper trailer.

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