Kanc Report

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Kanc Report

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Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:25 pm

I was on part of the Kanc today, from 93 eastward. I'd say it's near peak. Color was great until Rocky Gorge, from there eastward it was really green, just a few trees here and there had turned. I went to the Fryeburg Fair in Maine to shoot the harness racing and Fryeburg was very green as well. I went north up Rt. 5 to Bethel. There were pockets of decent color around Stoneham, but Bethel was all green with a few trees that had turned, but were already past peak. I then went back west via Rt. 2. Gilead, ME was stunning. Good color all along rt 2 into Gorham and all the way to Rt. 115. I went south here towards Twin Mountain and good color, there, too. Next it was 302 for a bit, still good then onto 93.

Campton area seemed pretty green. I don't recall seeing a lot of color around Plymouth or Rumney either. Rt 118 between Rt. 25 and Rt 4 in Canaan was really good. I wish I could have stopped in Sugar Hill to see how it was coming along, but it was getting too dark, in part due to some thick clouds that had rolled in.

Well, I am off to VT tomorrow. I don't expect a good photography day, though. No clouds, clear sky, bad for leaf color that pops.

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Re: Kanc Report

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Sat Oct 05, 2019 6:40 am

Thanks for the report Minnie. I hope you have a nice time here in Vermont and let us know how your trip went. It is sure a sparkling day here indeed! Perfect for all the festivals and Vermont activities! :D

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