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Autumn Bliss in the NEK!

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 7:23 pm
by ctyanky
Hello SOV friends! My first day has been utterly amazing! I got up to VT at about 9 at the Guilford rest stop. Stunning day as expected! My first stop at the King Arthur Flour was really nice. That place has got it going on for sure! I had a great breakfast and then continued on to Farm Way in Bradford. What a place! All high end stock but if you need quality anything I would recommend going here for winter gear and boots. I tried to get a pair of bib overalls but no luck! :lol:

Anyways, the color. :wink: All the way up 91 was early to mid color until I got to St. Johnsbury where it got a lot better. The reds this year are bold and bright and it is coming on so fast! The colors are strong and really filling in in bands. There are many parts of the NEK, Westmore and Charleston that are definitely peak! Those are the only areas we had time for, most of the day was traveling. Tim our board owner got it right. I would say this season is at least a week earlier than a normal year for sure. I just can't figure out the color at Willoughby, my friend who comes up to her vacation house in W. Charleston actually thought it was past peak and a lot brighter last weekend!

Nonetheless, this village of Brownington where I am staying is like a step back in time, even more so than Peacham! There is the stone house museum, a few historic homes and barns and the crossroads of Hinman Settlers Road and Stone House Road is sweet! I am staying right in the village and my place is gorgeous! I didn't have time for the museum tour but did walk up the hill to the fire tower and wow, the views from there were amazing!!!! I could see the Willoughby Gap and Lake and to the west, the mountains in Canada and Lake Mempremagog!

My two friends from West Charleston have gorgeous homes/cabin on Pensioner Pond. This is where I spent most of the afternoon. I am so blessed to have these two gals as friends, they are both from CT. My friend who has the cabin has acres of land that extend far up 5A to her beachfront. It is surreal. She sees so much wildlife there, bear, moose, deer, loons and eagles! I will have dinner there tomorrow night after our Burke Fall Festival and the Lavender Farm in Derby. Busy day!

I'm totally exhausted and it is just day one. It has been joyful! This is the weekend for color up here! Come on up!

"Ain't nothin' like the real thing baby, autumn in Vermont!"

Re: Autumn Bliss in the NEK!

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 7:40 am
by edmcguirk
Be sure to pace yourself ctyanky, September is way too early for foliage induced exhaustion !!!

Glad to hear your trip is off to a good start. Sounds like the foliage this year is way earlier than last year, so your prediction was right on the money.

Re: Autumn Bliss in the NEK!

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:55 pm
by ctyanky
Hi Ed, helps to hang out with the tree guys on a regular basis. :wink: They guided me to formulate my own prediction! It was a perfect storm of elements coming together at the right time this summer and the beginning of September. They kept me up on the rainfall, health of the trees and forests, insect and fungal impact and this combined with the shortening of the days and the consistent bright, sunshiny days lead to this foresight. Tree guys just don't prune and take down trees, they are very knowledgeable about our forest and trees and tree preservation and they amaze me with their insight. I value their opinion and love what they do for a living. I have learned so much from them and I have gained a lot of respect for the tree business profession as well as an appreciation for our natural landscape and its value in our lives.

It helps to have friends in all circles! :D