That Vermont Hiking Scene... Another stellar fall-like day in beautiful Manchester! Equinox Preservation Trust trails!

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That Vermont Hiking Scene... Another stellar fall-like day in beautiful Manchester! Equinox Preservation Trust trails!

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Sat Aug 31, 2019 7:55 pm

Manchester was stunning today! Blue skies, white puffy clouds, 60s and cooling breezes. Can you possibly ask for more? Yes, you can. No traffic or crowds! Perfection! With all this VT hiking lately, I'm think I'm becoming one with the forest! :lol: Another 10 hour day but worth the drive and the views!

We got to the trail head in the popular Equinox Preservation Trust to hike various trails in the forest. This was my second time around and it was just as wonderful! I recommend this trail system to you all for a fall meander with trails for all skill levels. The Equinox Preserve consists of over 914 acres on the slopes of Mt. Equinox. In 1996, owners of the Equinox Resort donated conservation easement to the Vermont Land Trust to permanently protect this land. The Equinox Resort owns the Preserve, which is managed by the Equinox Preservation Trust, the Equinox Preservation Trust Forest and Trails Steward, and Equinox Resort Staff.

What you get in return is meticulously maintained trails and great signage (on poles and trees) and a chance to explore the various hardwoods, flowers and ferns and a diverse ecology. Not to mention of course, breathing in that mountain air! Ahhhh, 62 degrees all day hiking and no bugs!

We started out on the red gate trail and hiked to Robin's Lookout on parts of the Truillium and parts of Mt. Bluff Trail returning on Snicket Trail back to the car. I'll attach a couple of their interactive and pdf trail maps for you to print out if you have a color printer. I have a trail map from the visitor's center which we relied on for the criss-crossing of trails in the Preserve. It was simply glorious! A steep, but brief climb leads to Robin’s Lookout, a perfect picnicking spot. From here, there are spectacular views of Equinox Pond, the Battenkill Valley and the Green Mountains to the east. There is a bench at the top to relax and take in the glory of the views!

One thing we did not have time for was to hike around Equinox Pond and I know from various websites and instagrams that this is a gorgeous pond in the fall. I really hope to get there someday. There is a trail that goes all around the pond as well as a very difficult trail to the summit of Mt. Equinox.

The drive up route 30 was so lovely and Newfane and Townshend are such nice small, VT towns. The town of Bondville steals my heart and their fair is not to be missed!!!! I think it is usually in August. If you want a very local, small town fair this is the one to go to! I loved the tractor pulls! :wink:

As far as color, the route 9 highlands coming from route 7 into North Bennington -trees are certainly losing their dark green color and here and there, an occasional flare of red in the canopies with some individual trees showing disbursements of orange and red throughout. You can definitely tell fall is around the corner up in Southern Vermont in the higher elevations. You can smell it in the thick of the forests.

Honestly folks, in my own opinion, I think we are on course for a normal fall progression. Can't see at this point that we are in for another late unfolding unless we hit a spread of 90s in late September. It looks and feels different this time around. But again, it is a wait and see.

I truly hope you can visit the Equinox Preserve if you are in Manchester this autumn. It will not disappoint! Remember you can also drive up Mt. Equinox Toll Road for outstanding long views!

Here are a few links to get you started. I love the interactive map. You can get printouts at the visitor center or the Equinox Inn. You can park at red or black gate or walk up from the Equinox. Enjoy!

https://www.equinoxpreservationtrust.or ... newbig.jpg

https://www.equinoxpreservationtrust.or ... _PROOF.pdf


We ate a late lunch at this small and perfect gem hidden in a back corner off 7a on Main Street. I highly recommend it! Delicious! Sat outside under table umbrellas in gorgeous pre-autumn weather.

Manchester Gourmet Deli! (I had the Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich and my friend had the triple decker club. Divine.)

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Re: That Vermont Hiking Scene... Another stellar fall-like day in beautiful Manchester! Equinox Preservation Trust trai

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Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:22 pm

PS Forgot to add this in my narrative. Done this twice! Loved the long views at the summit and felt like I was on top of the world! There is a short and very rocky hike to Lookout Rock which is worth the effort!

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