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Mt. Ascutney hike today, Windsor VT (7/14), A Vermont State Park Shining Star! Toll Road, summit hike, 360 tower views!

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:27 pm
by ctyanky
Mt. Ascutney! A fall must do for you!

Wow! Today was again, an absolutely splendid top ten day hiking in the great state of Vermont! I just can't get enough of the incredible hiking trails in Vermont! I'm totally hooked. The toll road into the forest was beautiful with just 72 degrees throughout our hike, barely any bugs and slight breezes! I could not be more grateful! :D

The cost of the entry fee was $4 per adult and what you get in return is meticulously maintained trails and excellent signage. Trails were marked so well, there is no way you could get lost and their trail map was spot on. We parked in the summit lot after a 3+ mile drive in on the toll road, and took the summit trail to the slab trail as I had planned to reach the tower. At first, the trail seemed quite easy to me and I thought well this is a slam dunk hike. However, the slab trail was quite rocky in places and the stair master type climbs were quite a workout! They even had a couple of regular steel stair wells but most of it was a steep climb up and a whole body workout for sure. I don't think I could have endured without the 3x/week gym workouts. It really helped! :mrgreen:

The tower, geezum. All I can say is that the views in every direction were mind blowing even with the unexpected haze. They have north, south, east and west signs with every mountain and hillside surrounding Mt. Ascutney. Killington, Burke, Mt. Sunapee, Mt. Monadnock, Stratton, Mt. Snow, Mt. Equinox, Bromley and Pico to name a few. Just in awe of all the long views in every direction. We decided to take the next trail called Weathersfield Trail to the West Peak to the Hang Glider Trail and it was a bit tough for me, I have to admit. In a few isolated spots, I felt like I was climbing down a rock filled ravine. I did need some assistance in a few cases from my friend so he and I came to the conclusion that hiking poles are indeed going to be my next purchase! :roll:

We made it to West Peak and OMG this was the best part of the trail!!!! Even more awesome than the tower views if you can believe that. This is where the hang gliders take off and the views of the valleys below and the mountains cascading in endless rows were where we found our Vermont moment for the day! We could see a beautiful farm nestled in the valley below and all that GREEN!!! We sat and talked to Mr. Bare Foot Hiker (that's what I called him, yes, hiked the mountain from base to summit barefoot, never saw this before...) and just soaked in the beauty of the day. Ahhhh, sat here for quite awhile and counted our blessings to be able to experience the Green Mountains at their best! I was totally awestruck with the views and becoming one with the forest and the sounds of birds and nature surrounding me, it makes you really appreciate how special our lives really are.

The remainder of the Weathersfield Trail had some tough parts for me but I persisted (some complaining by now) - the Hang Glider Trail was a bit easier. We hiked from 10:30 to 1:30 and I was glad to get to the parking lot! I am really trying my best to challenge myself and hiking in VT is where I plan to do just that! I hope by the time I get to VT this fall, I will be ready for Nichols Ledge in Woodbury and the hike to the fire tower on Spruce Peak in Plainfield.

We stopped as planned at the “Exit Ate” Restaurant and it was a perfect way to end the day. We missed their well known brunch but ate a late breakfast. The most friendly and welcoming waitress I have ever had and she gave us more hikes to do in the area. I wished we had time to see Cascading Falls and she showed us many pictures. Mostly local folks here and this is part of what I love when I come to Vermont. So friendly and kind and make us feel right at home!

We are planning to hike Mt. Tom in Woodstock in a few weeks in conjunction with the “Taste of Woodstock” on August 10th, weather permitting of course.

Folks, do take the toll road up and hike Mt. Ascutney in the fall! It promises all out beauty and you will be rewarded every step of the way!!!!

PS We got home and it was 93 degrees. 20 degrees hotter than my hike in the mountains! :shock: Just sayin'! We also stopped at the Guilford Information Center and I got tons of maps and fun events and activities and literature for autumn in Vermont 2019!

So excited!!!!! :D :D :D CT

Re: Mt. Ascutney hike today, Windsor VT (7/14), A Vermont State Park Shining Star! Toll Road, summit hike, 360 tower vie

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:41 pm
by bvahjen
We hiked to the hang glider spot at peak foliage, something I will never forget. The valley spread out below was breathtaking. You felt like a bird.

Re: Mt. Ascutney hike today, Windsor VT (7/14), A Vermont State Park Shining Star! Toll Road, summit hike, 360 tower vie

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 3:44 pm
by ctyanky
hey BV: I am off to hike Okemo tomorrow and climb the fire tower. I checked and there is no fee to drive to summit for hiking/fire tower. We will stop at Green Mountain Sugar House for a creemee and then to Country Girl Diner in your home front in Chester!

It's going to be 49 degrees up there tonight and a sparkling day with 70's! Another fire tower to scratch off my bucket list!

See you soon!!!!!!!!!!! CT