Waterfalls are intense and gushing here in Northern CT! Being part of the natural world is glorious! On to VT soon!

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Waterfalls are intense and gushing here in Northern CT! Being part of the natural world is glorious! On to VT soon!

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Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:15 am

This past weekend we decided to check out a few waterfalls in the NW corner of CT. Insane! With all the snow melt and rain, they were showcasing their finest! I hope to head to VT in May and check out a few once mud season passes a bit. We did not encounter any mud thankfully, on our waterfall hikes.

I was on a scouting trip for our very talented forum photographer Ed McGuirk, who will be coming to CT for a meet up in early May. Hopefully starting at the Barkhamsted Reservoir and perhaps going to a couple of waterfalls thereafter. He is interested in Falls Brook Falls and that was a new one to me and fun to discover. Campbell Falls was thunderous and quite a few photographers were setting up. I have not yet been to Enders Falls which is on the agenda.

If you are interested in the ones we went to, they are as follows:

Campbell Falls, CT/MA border
Buttermilk Falls in Norfolk, CT
Falls Brook Falls, Hartland, CT

The latter is the one I was checking out for Ed. It is a longish hike in on a semi-maintained path the first half and then seems to be more “trail like” all the way to the turnabout at the end. The falls are meandering and cascading for quite a long time in the forest. It had a lot of rocks and sometimes you had to cross some small streams along the way.

After three hikes to waterfalls, I think I dropped 10 pounds. Exhausting but beautiful! No black flies, mosquitoes, or dense undergrowth to deal with. The understory and canopies had not yet developed, so there was a ton of natural light to intensity the glory of the waterfalls. We did take extreme precaution for ticks which are out in force already. I was a bit paranoid about ticks even though I checked myself a hundred times. You just can't be too careful in the forest. Our day ended with four bears crossing the road and a bobcat following behind. I just love being part of the natural world as much as possible, it is food for the soul...............

If there are any falls in Southern VT worth checking out soon for my next trip up there, let me know! Once you get started on them, it is a bit addicting! :D

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