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Foliage Report

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 7:43 am
by pwt54
I took my Mother and Aunt for a foliage ride yesterday. I took them to roads they have never been on before. I won’t list these roads because they are dirt roads and some are a little rough. You could also get lost without a Vt. Atlas. The one exception is the Victory/Granby road. It is a very good dirt road with some good views and great colors right now. Take route 114 from Lyndonville and go to East Burke. From East Burke go about 2.3 miles north on route 114 and you will see the Victory Road on the right. There is a “street sign” at the beginning of the road. This road ends on route 102 in Guildhall, Vt. I took this road yesterday and we all had sore necks. FOLIAGE REPORT! The area above East Burke and route 100 north from Route 15 in Hyde Park and route 58 are all very near peak with the area around Island Pond at peak. Route 111 from Derby to route 114 is beautiful! This is the time to do that area. It will be gone by after this weekend. The area south of route 15/US 2 will have good color by this weekend and will be peaking the next weekend. The Peacham/Barnet area, route 100 around Hancock and south, 110, 14, 113, 132, 302 and 232 in the Groton State Forest will be colorful

Re: Foliage Report

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 7:55 am
by ixl
Thanks for the report, pwt!

Sounds like the foliage is still best way, way up north.

Any idea on how the Smuggler's Notch area might be?

Would I be better off waiting for next week to do Groton SF? --c