OFF TOPIC: (sort of): Second time I came upon a car crash in this trip, left me rattled.

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OFF TOPIC: (sort of): Second time I came upon a car crash in this trip, left me rattled.

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Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:18 pm

I recently posted on the car crash that happened just minutes after I left the tent at the Dorset Farmers Market the other day where the car accelerated into the tents. This time, my friend and I were traveling up Colvin Hill Road from the Danby Hill Road and came upon a lady running down the dirt road telling us to take Staples Road away from the scene (happened minutes before we were heading north on Colvin Hill). The brigade of emergency vehicles just got there and the van had gone off the road up into the trees. The driver was apparently highly intoxicated and just being cuffed. She was yelling and screaming and making serious trouble for the responders and her poor lab was running frantically around the scene. The screams were reverberating through the woods. Since the scene was secured we were able to leave but it left me totally out of sorts, seeing that it was the second crash in two days that happened before or just after I arrived. Her van is still mounted up onto the trees and we heard the dog is at the vets and she is in lockup. We went back on Colvin Hill later in the day and the van was still there in the trees, waiting for tow.

Please be careful out there on the roads, no amount of foliage viewing is worth our precious lives. You just don't know what the other driver is experiencing. I am thinking of, and praying for all of you for safety on your trips and a safe journey home. :| CT
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