Two Must See Ponds in the NEK! 10/3

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Two Must See Ponds in the NEK! 10/3

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Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:39 pm

Hello! Phil and Tim (our SOV board owner) took me to Holland today and it was sweet! So many beautiful farms and scenery way up near the border. Of course the boys had a field day teasing me about crossing the border without my passport since they were all set! I was ready to jump ship with my purse and such if they dared! The two of those VTers together, what a trip! :wink:

OMG Holland Pond! Out in the wilderness, so remote and stunning with peak foliage. Even with the low clouds it was divine. On the way home after dropping off Tim, Phil was ready to book it home and I pleaded with him to take me to Jobs Pond. It blew me away with the color. It was about 4:00 and the fog covered the top half of the mountain with a linear line of pure peak underneath and the colors were reflected in the water. The rocks made for a nice lower framing of the whole scene. It was the highlight of my whole wonderful day and I am so glad Phil relented because he was wowed as well! I've been there twice before but this was different because of the low fog and mist over the reflections of the brilliant foliage. I hope you all can get there soon. A blue sky with puffy clouds would please most folks, but this did it for me.

Actually 3 ponds, (sorry), Lake Seymour was gorgeous as well! :D

The drive up to Jobs was stunning as well and the trees lining the road made us stop quite a few times! Love, love, love.

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Re: Two Must See Ponds in the NEK! 10/3

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Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:50 am

Job's Pond is a unique little pond. It's only about 5 acres and has a hill in the background. The lower part of the hill is hardwood forest with a lot of maple trees with their red and orange leaves. The top of the hill is ledge.
To get there you need to take route 114 south of Island Pond and then the Newark Road from route 114 to the boat access for Job's Pond. The foliage in that area is intense.

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