NEK vs Stowe vs Kangamus this year?

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NEK vs Stowe vs Kangamus this year?

Post: # 21735Post Fallleafechidna
Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:16 am

Are places like long pond, wheeler pond, norton pond and the whole 114/105 meeting to the border as over the top amazing as in 2016 or 2012? Or likely to be so if not yet? And if yes, would this fri, sat be too late? Thurs too late? Have barely seen any posted shots from anyone here yet. The one set, from 27th/28th had Wheeler looking either still early or maybe only very average colors at most, the incomparable long pond seemed to show some very solid promise perhaps though, but it seemed possibly already far enough long that later this week might be too late? When that hits total peaks it often looks insane for a couple days and then boom it’s off, in 2014 I waited too late and already by 2nd it was already quite done for. In 2012 it and the whole NEK/St. Johnsbury was out if this world beyond belief 2nd and 3rd but then on a swingback on the 5th it was crazy almost looked like winter or at least all color just gone and good bit leaf drop, maybe rain night before did it too.

In 2016 that whole region, highway north from St. Johnsbury, that ponds, 105/114 to the border were just insane 3rd, 4th, 5th wish could have stayed another two days and hit a couple more regional places. Not sure how long it lasted, but wow, 2012 and 2016 from Groton to the border, that whole region were the most over the top behind belief display o foliage I’ve ever experienced.

I don’t like to miss NEK if it is an over the top year like 2012 or 2016, I just have to see it if it is full on over the top level, heck dont like to miss it even at all hah, but was also thinking about trying something new like maybe Franconia Notch/Kancamagus, which someone else I’d go with seems quite interested in seeing for the first time. So if NEK is at all just merely avg or a touch worse this year it’d probably be better to go with the new option.

But if the NEK is over the top, I’d maybe just run up there and get there Wednesday or Thursday night instead, since that is something that can’t be missed.

Speaking of the Kancamagus/notch option would next tues-thurs be too late for that? Might the color be very nice this year or not? Might it manage to be at least somewhat close to NEK or Stowe will be this year quality wise?

Down in NJ it’s weird, not the horrible drought of last year that totally killed fall for first time ever, but some branches on some trees and some trees and bushes with more or less green leaf drop and shrivel, never really seen this before. Had crazy amounts of rain and think some things are sort of almost drowning this year, never had any end of summer early fall dry period, just sopping wet all the time. And they say it may be another bad year down here.

I guess VT managed to avoid quite our level of rain though it sounds like?

The intense rain for VT/NH Tuesday, tomorrow, won’t beat all the leaves off will it? Hopefully it’s a bit behind enough so that wouldn’t happen in NEK or Kang?

The Stowe 360 looked fairly promising, but I guess that need to be done later this week and not next week? I suppose that is another option if NEK is off or it will be too late and Kangamus is off this year.

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Re: NEK vs Stowe vs Kangamus this year?

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Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:56 am

Hi Fallleaf: it is nice to see you back on the forum! Many will be arriving tomorrow and in a day or so, and heading to the NEK for more up to date reports. My advice to you is to relax and not over analyze the foliage season or you will get yourself in a bit of a quandary over when to arrive and what your expectations are. The show is just beginning! Yes, 2012 and 2016 were "over the top" amazing but there is no way to advise on comparisons at this point. Maybe just arrive mid week and head to the NEK or NH? Just go for it! It is looking to be a great season, so if you can, come up in a day or two and enjoy the color and then you can judge for yourself if your schedule allows.

Please enjoy Vermont and all its beauty and take what Mother Nature has to give. It is looking so fine. :D CT
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Re: NEK vs Stowe vs Kangamus this year?

Post: # 21738Post edmcguirk
Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:28 am

ctyanky wrote:Please enjoy Vermont and all its beauty and take what Mother Nature has to give. It is looking so fine. :D CT
Great advice, that says it all :)

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