Bennington Monument and more!

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Bennington Monument and more!

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Hello foliage friends! I recently finalized my first fall weekend in North Bennington (end September) and am thrilled to be spending a good part of it with sweet Charles from the forum (ixl). As he lives in the area, he is now required to showcase his neck of the woods with me after I peppered him with numerous ideas and requests. So he is relenting! :mrgreen:

I first wanted to mention the Bennington Monument because it is a sight to see! When I pull into the circular drive and look up at this beautiful structure, I am always awestruck! I have been several times, including the awesome Bennington Battle Days event. The tallest structure in Vermont, it commemorates the Battle of Bennington which led to a turning point in the Revolutionary War. You can take the elevator to the top! Panoramic views of the valleys and mountains of Vermont, Mass and NY. It's just glorious! Here is a link for you. The gift shop is really lovely as well. Monument Hill Road is gorgeous! Tree lined with stately, historic homes. A step back in time!

Actually, my first stop of the morning is Carpenter Hill Road. It is a beautiful drive through numerous apple orchards. At the crest, you can see the Bennington Monument gleaming in the distance. I just love this road and I consider it my grand entrance into the state from the town of Pownal. There are apple orchards popping up all over the place on the way up and down the road!

Alas, I must mention that I ALWAYS stop at the Apple Barn. OMG what a great place for all things Vermont, delicious fresh apples! And I might mention the best bakery around! Their mini cider donuts are divine. I am planning on stocking up on cheeses, crackers, wine, apples and baked goods for my all of my road trips. Here is the link if you happen to be in the area. You can get there in minutes from Monument Hill Road. You won't be disappointed! There are photo ops galore outside the store as well.

I hope the weather cooperates (I know there won't be a lot of color at this time except maybe in the highlands) so I've packed the three day itinerary with lots of fun and adventure! Charles and I are either hiking Woodford State Park or Lye Brook Falls in Manchester. He has also mentioned taking me to see his cottage on Somerset Reservoir which I am very much looking forward to because we get to go on Kelly Stand Road for a bit. One of my favorite back roads ever! He has mentioned hiking around Grout Pond if we have time.

The rest of my Bennington days will be filled with all things horses, including a private lesson at an equestrian center and then trail riding at Kimberly Farms for a half day.

If you are interested in a great place to eat with an amazing salad bar, the Publyk House is a great choice. Charles and his family took me there for dinner a couple of years ago and the view of the monument all lit up at night is breathtaking!

Lastly, I should mention the fairly new Vermont Welcome Center on the Bennington 279 Overpass!

Here is part of what I wrote in September of 2015 so you get the “picture”.

This is THE nicest rest stop in the state! I always thought the Guilford Rest Stop as you enter VT from the south on 91 was gorgeous but this one is the most architecturally designed beauty yet! (The circling around the stop from 7 and 279 a bit confusing at first and we were not the only ones who had to give the entrance a second try!)

"Located at the junction of Routes 7 and 279, the building is designed to show off the Vermont landscape, showcasing the Bennington Battle Monument from its large windows."

Anyways, the woodwork inside is awesome, this is the cleanest, most user friendly tourist stop with state of the art bathrooms! Granite countertops with under counter hidden faucets! A no touch anything in and out! :)

The best part is the view of the Bennington Monument from the full ceiling to floor glass window. Whomever the architect was, they made this place a showcase. Outside is a granite WWII memorial stone which was dedicated last month! Just so impressive! I'm soooo glad we stopped here. Lots and lots of pamphlets on everything Vermont you can think of.

Really folks, this place is worth a stop! If not for the architecture, then for the view of the Bennington Monument in the distance. They have set up Adirondack chairs in different colors with a picnic table outside overlooking the monument for nice weather viewing.

The 279 bypass is so well thought out. Vermont tourism at its best! ... me-center/

Bennington Welcome Center
100 Route 279, Interchange of Routes 279 and 7
Bennington, VT 05201
Tel/Fax (802) 447-2456

I know there is so much more to do in the area, back roads, eateries, hiking, etc. but I wanted to showcase a few that I've experienced and would recommend.

Bennington here I come! :D
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