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REPOST: Blissful Lincoln Back Roads for My Last VT Day: A Must Drive For You!

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:16 pm
by ctyanky

Hello foliage friends: A most beautiful day turned out here around 10:30 after morning showers, and off I went to drive my favorite (and some new backroads after getting lost) in Lincoln. I headed out on 125 to 116 north to one of my special back roads, the Notch Road to Upper Notch Road back to Notch Road again and then a turn on West Hill Road. Along the way, I discovered the Bristol Cliffs Wilderness Area entrance. The Notches are dirt roads that wind around part of the Green Mountain National Forest. The trees there were early and some were at peak, and I was in my element. Been here many years ago. West Hill is gorgeous! I took it to Browns Road where there is a beautiful crossroads of the red barn and an exquisite view of the mountains coming into color. I hit my last downpour here and then the blue skies opened up. I took Gore Hill loop to York Hill Road (by mistake) and wow, this was a prize. Take this back road, it is spectacular with views of the distant mountain complete with a farm and haybales in the field to the right as you go down. I took York Hill (early to mid colors) to West River Road to Quaker Street (gorgeous) to Downingsville to Jerusalem Road. Before I hit Downingsville, I turned right on Elder Hill Road and I have to say, this was probably the most gorgeous scene as I reached the top at Elderberry Farm and took a ton of photos of the horses in the fields. Don't forget to take this road. It dead ends at James Road (351 Road) and the 350 road at the fork. Back to the Downingsville/Jerusalem area, I couldn't figure out what the color was doing here, it was either early or late or wind blown or had been damaged by the tent caterpillars. Jerusalem Rd. was not that interesting. Or maybe I read it wrong in terms of color..... I took it to Jerusalem and then to route 17 west where I picked up Quaker St at South Starksboro. This was a gorgeous drive in this direction and I turned on Isham Hollow Road, one of my favorite back roads. Beautiful yellow and gold colors canopied over head and to make it special on my last day, a hawk followed me diving in and out of the trees for a mile! I was so blissfully happy here! I took another wrong turn and ended up on Briggs Hollow Road, beautiful!!!!! The colors appearing in these areas are early or approaching mid stage with reds, oranges and golds developing in patches. I think mid week or probably later towards next weekend, Lincoln will be in peak. (Isn't there a wine Lincoln Peak?) This road took me back to 17 and I continued back to the inn. There are so many back roads in Lincoln you just can't go wrong, but I highly suggest a VT map. I used my Jimapco. There were a couple of roads I wanted to take but didn't have time such as Colby Hill Road and Geary Road. All the time I spent here it was 70 and when I got back to Middlebury it was 80!!!

I hope you can take some of these Lincoln back roads while you are here. I just know you will enjoy it! The color is generally early but coming on strong and fast with isolated trees and patches and some roads in full peak. So there is a lot left there to see. Make sure you have a map however. I'm pretty familiar with Lincoln but did get turned around twice but ended up with gorgeous views and new sights to see! I was the only one on the roads most of the time as well and saw no out of state plates except on 17! My car could use a good washing when I get home for sure!

I had such an amazing day doing what I love best. Driving the back roads of Vermont. A perfect way to end my vacation with a smile on my face and memories, memories, memories. :)

Came back to Midd for a fine early dinner at Fire and Ice! (What an awesome salad bar!)

Re: Blissful Lincoln Back Roads for My Last VT Day: A Must Drive For You!

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:48 pm
by MinnieB
Thank you CT, reallly appreciate your detailed posts.

Re: Blissful Lincoln Back Roads for My Last VT Day: A Must Drive For You!

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 12:13 pm
by ctyanky
Hello all and to anyone who may be thinking about tooling around the insanely gorgeous Lincoln VT back roads this coming autumn 2019. I pulled this out of the depths of the forum from 2017 because the roads I traveled there were top notch. So much so, I wanted to repost and share my Lincoln experience with you again. I took my friend from CT there last year and he couldn't believe how beautiful the winding dirt roads were. You could just get lost in foliage heaven in Lincoln! Every turn "turned up" another lovely vista even when I got lost! I never got to explore Bristol Cliffs which will have to wait for another autumn in Vermont.

If I have missed any lovely roads there, please let me know so I can keep them in my VT database. Enjoy!!!!!! :D :D :D CT

PS MinnieB, thank you for your reply! I apologize for the late response as I just noticed I never thanked you! :wink: