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NEK Fall Foliage Festival at Peacham 10/5

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:30 pm
by ctyanky
A most excellent day today at the Peacham Fall Festival! Started out with that amazing ride up Mack Mountain and then came upon a one horse Belgian wagon ride into the corn fields near the fire station! What a delight to come across first thing! Hopped right on and had some awesome photos of us in the fields with a perfect view of the church steeple, MAGICAL! The driver was from CT and it was so interesting hearing how he ended up marrying his wife and moving to VT! And how he got his Belgian at auction for $500 because it had only one eye, poor baby. So many fascinating people to meet!

Then on to the craft fair at Town Hall, photos at the iconic church all decked out for autumn, to the craft store in town, book sale at the library and finally over to the festival luncheon at the school. So fun! I had walked into town from the firehouse and on my way back to the car, someone played some soulful songs on the church organ which reverberated throughout the whole town and hills. Talk about nostalgia!!! What a tug at the heart when I walked up the hill holding on to that very special moment in time.

Peacham at its best today! I'll never forget this one. Just a perfect blend of everything Vermont.