NEK from a 10 to 0

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NEK from a 10 to 0

Post: # 21145Post scurtis623
Wed Oct 04, 2017 11:03 am

NEK from a 10 to a 0. Last year it was FANTASTIC up there, a 10+. We've been going up north for many years. Monday we headed to Lyndonville, with a 4 day reservation. I'd read about the 90 degree weather you had a week ago. Well, that hot weather must of fried the leaves, foliage is awful! Many trees are dead, many trees might show a little color later. We did a full days driving around to our favorite sites, rte 114, Hinton Hill, May Pond, ponds on rte 16 etc. We saw a few spots of color. I'd call it a zero this year! Cancelled the next few days of our reservation. Tue we drove down around Peacham, the trees didn't look so distressed but not much color either.

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Re: NEK from a 10 to 0

Post: # 21146Post From_the_NEK
Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:22 pm

scurtis623 wrote:...many trees might show a little color later...
Yeah this year is a complete reversal of the year we had last year. The worst I've seen since 2005. However, All is not lost, yet. I just got back from a lunchtime cruise around the West Burke/Sutton area and the change since yesterday is quite apparent. There are still a lot of green leaves that just started changing. I think this weekend could end up moving the needle to a 4.

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Re: NEK from a 10 to 0

Post: # 21153Post edmcguirk
Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:27 am

I agree the NEK was a 0 this year. I've been photographing fall color in New England for 25 years, and what I saw in the NEK this week was the worst conditions I have ever experienced. I had lodging reservations in St. J for 5 nights and cancelled them after one night. I spent an afternoon and a morning going all around the NEK and it was a waste of time and effort. So I decided to write this year off and try again next year. Even the green trees look very stressed this year. It's a shame, the NEK is a beautiful area, but the foliage conditions this year just aren't happening.

I live in Massachusetts, and thing are still green here, but the trees do not look healthy. I'm worried that this "foliage malaise" is going to affect all of New England this year. Time will tell, but the Indian Summer this week certainly isn't going to help matters.

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