The Color is Coming! My Fantasic First Day in VT!

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The Color is Coming! My Fantasic First Day in VT!

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Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:57 pm

I'm an optimist and I must say that southern VT, albeit mostly green, and from what I saw traveling north on 100 thru Dover, Stratton, Wardsboro, is going to have potentially amazing colors by Columbus Day Weekend. Even before that, in the highlands on route 9 approaching Wilmington from Hogback, there were lots of reds about to pop amongst the hillsides. Not the brilliant reds of last year, but more russet colored. I saw little leaf drop my whole way up to Manchester. The color in the aforementioned areas is about 15% changed and it is looking great. As I dropped down in elevation it became green again, no surprise there. The trees are healthy and lush and with this cold arriving, I see no reason why we are not headed towards great color. I think we need to be patient, that's all.

Anyways, my route through 112 off the Mohawk Trail did not go as planned! I was happily driving along the back roads when all of a sudden a tractor trailer jackknifed on a curve before me. I'm like, what???? A semi on 112???? But he was coming out of a yard and didn't make the curve. Crazy!!! So I met a local lady who gave me a convoluted way of out this mess and since I got the directions confused (typical for me), I ended up going back to 91 and headed up to 9 west. I did lose time but 9 is such a nice drive up to Hogback.

If I could just stop talking to locals everywhere I go and chit chatting, I would have made my itinerary stops but did make it to Taylor Farm and a nice lunch at Hapgood General Store in Peru. Such a fantastic little store with top notch food! The wood fired pizza looked so yummy, I may have to return! On the way up I stopped for 1/2 hour to talk to a lady selling syrup outside her dairy farm about the weather, foliage, milking cows, etc. It turns out, she was a family member of a farm that I visited many years ago just north of Wilmington and we had such a nice conversation and shared some memories. A hard working woman who milks at 4 a.m. and then sells the syrup and now has to work on the tubing for sugaring.

Anyways, so now I'm in Manchester in one of the most beautiful inns on 7A I have ever stayed in. My room overlooks a beautiful pond. I'm so excited for my Equinox Pond hike and the Manchester Foliage Festival tomorrow. We are going to check out the zip lines at Bromley instead of the lift ride! Wild times ahead! I've never been on one!

Wonderful first day in Vermont for sure! Alittle off track but the lost time saved me hours of shopping in town, which is a good thing. I guess. :? CT
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