Congrats to From-the-NEK (Tim)! Two page spread Vermont Life Autumn 2017!!!!

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Congrats to From-the-NEK (Tim)! Two page spread Vermont Life Autumn 2017!!!!

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Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:26 pm

I would like everyone to know that our own forum member Tim (From-the-NEK) has a two page spread of Westmore in the Vermont Life Magazine that came out recently! I got my issue today and it is amazing! If you have a chance, please go out and buy a copy because the spread is just beautiful!

Congratulations Tim! I think you are such a talented photographer and your scenes have always captivated me! I got your signature last year on one of my copies and I will kayak out to you wherever you are to get your signature once again! :lol:

I hope I can meetup with you somewhere in the NEK the first week of October. Perhaps you can join us at some of our gatherings! It was great to finally meet you last fall at one of the ponds in the NEK!

Again, your work is top notch and I am so happy you are part of the SOV foliage and photography forums. Your recommendations are invaluable for VT back road travels and moreover, the photos that you upload to the forums in every season are breathtaking!

Cheers and kudos to you! I hope you eventually see this! :wink: CT
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Re: Congrats to From-the-NEK (Tim)! Two page spread Vermont Life Autumn 2017!!!!

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Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:40 pm

Thanks everyone. That was my favorite photo from last year. It was from the same day that I met both CT and Abby. I was out on Long Pond in my kayak admiring the great color and the clouds formed a ring that perfectly matched the contour of the ridge line. I had to remain as still as possible to prevent ripples in the reflection. I could have sat there all day :).
It is going to be a busy fall. Hopefully I can meet up!

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