Best color Oct. 8th

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Best color Oct. 8th

Post: # 19450Post scurtis623
Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:02 pm

We just got home from a 2 day trip in NEK, we've been going up every year for a long time. I love this forum and the new map someone posted with sites with gps. I entered some of them in my gps before going up. I've heard the members talk about Jobs Pond, but I never knew where it was, found it, marked it. Looked like an easy find. We went up rt 114, found Newark Road turned on that looked for Abbott Hill road, my gps was telling me to turn left when I thought I should be going right, I could see where the pond was but the gps kept telling me to take different turns, some dead ended. We ended up at Center Pond, this was new to us but it wasn't Jobs Pond. We finally found it, I knew it was an AM shot so was looking in the afternoon just to find where it was. Very nice!!

Color around Willoughby along Rt 114, up over Hinton Hill and down to Willoughby, Burke etc. was very nice as usual. Back in the motel Wed. night someone posted that "specutaular color was up around Orleans on rte 14", so we headed up there in the morning, it was nice. We've seen so many years of really BEAUTIFUL COLOR that I don't use that term freely. Comeing down around Glover on rte 16 was really OMG beautiiful. What a beautiful day. Found May Pond (new to us) wow, we will be going back there for sure. Today we are home and it's raining.

Later we went to Danville, color mostly green, some nice pockets of color. We get gas on rte 2, I go inside to see what they might have for new maps or books. Last year I got the Jimapco VT road atlas which I love. But yesterday I found a Jimapco MAP of NEK, I got that and wished I had before. It has the area we love all on 1 page. neat.


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Re: Best color Oct. 8th

Post: # 19492Post ctyanky
Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:15 am

Thanks for the nice report Shirley. I hope to get that NEK Jimapco when I head up to VT again before the end of the month! :D

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