Return trip planned for 10/2-10/5. Will we be too late?

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Return trip planned for 10/2-10/5. Will we be too late?

Post: # 17932Post dankimbear
Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:21 am

Hello all. First I want to say thanks for all of your posts. I found this sight about 3 years ago, and it has been very helpful for a few trips I have made with family members to VT over the past few years. I just booked a trip with my 13 year old son for VT to photograph the amazing foliage. We are arriving late 10/2 and leaving late 10/5. We are roughing it (sleeping in our Subaru Outback at a campground in North Springfield) each night. Should be fun. My question - Are we going to be too late for approximate peak. We are willing to drive just about anywhere from there, but hope we don't miss it.

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Re: Return trip planned for 10/2-10/5. Will we be too late?

Post: # 17933Post faxmachineanthem
Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:44 am

I think it's unlikely you will be too late especially as far south as you're staying. You made a good decision to stay near route 91 as it will enable you to go easily head north if you need to.

In a normal year, I think you'd want to spend most of your time north of Springfield. The Rt 2 area is often nice the first week of October. My suggestion would be to have a handful of destinations in mind in various areas of the state, and head where the foliage is. Some places I'd recommend that are within a couple hours -- Warren, Waitsfield, Peacham, Groton State Forest (Owl's Head).

My favorite driving tour in Vermont is FromTheNEK's route from this thread (5th post). Coming from North Springfield, you would basically need to devote your whole day to it. In 2009 I drove this route the first week of October -- the color was incredible and the photo opportunities endless.

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Re: Return trip planned for 10/2-10/5. Will we be too late?

Post: # 18183Post Andy
Sun Sep 28, 2014 8:33 am

My prediction is: You will be just fine. :D

I have spent many falls chasing the elusive "peak." IMO, "peak" is how you define it and my "peak" may be very differently defined than yours. What I will say is that you will find color.

I think Fax's admonition to have some alternate routes is good advice. What I have found is that color in Vermont is not predictable. You cannot rely on a North to South progression, even though all the official foliage reports do that. While it generally makes sense from a weather and temperature perspective, it is not reality. I have been in parts of the Northeast Kingdom where the color was best (and still hanging in) late in the season, and missed peak by a week in Southern Vermont in "mid-season." It depends on so many factors, including elevation, wind, moisture conditions, etc. Peacham (technically in the NEK, though the southern portion) has perennially hung in with great color and foliage, even fairly late into the season. Unless you hear "intel" otherwise, I would plan a trip there.

It is really a good idea - if you have wifi access or smartphone access - to tune in here every day. You will get the best "real time" intel here of anywhere in the universe! :D

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