NEK - Gimme all your best-kept secret photo locations

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NEK - Gimme all your best-kept secret photo locations

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Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:59 pm

A yay and an ack. Yay, I have secured lodging in Barton for Oct 3 through Oct 7 and this year seems to be on track to be quite spectacular. Last year was kind of lackluster; my best photos from last year were of unusual weather/light rather than foliage. Ack, because I am planning to meander into VT mid next week after stopping in the Lake Saranac/Adirondacks region and I am worrying peak foliage might be moving on south from the NEK (hmm, maybe I should be posting in the "calm Charles down" thread).

So, like I said ... gimme all your best NEK and vicinity photo locations. Yes, I have read all the stickies and many of the other reports from those already out there having foliasms, but more input is welcome. This time the plan is to find all the most dramatic locations, plan ahead and to be there at sunrise and sunset!(Ha, I wish! Almost all my photos from VT are entirely fortuitous). This year though, I am gonna find that State Park that no one has heard of and visit those two ponds :roll: ! This year I am gonna find a location to photograph Crystal Lake without getting electric/phone wires and poles in the shot! Reflections of foliage and rising morning mist is gonna be my photo theme this year.

Btw, is the Nullhegan Basin and the Wildlife refuge a worthwhile spot for photography or should I look for better locations if I have limited time?

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Re: NEK - Gimme all your best-kept secret photo locations

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Sun Sep 30, 2012 5:00 am

Karma: I would go to Lewis Pond for dramatic in the Nulhegan Basin. Phil will have to confirm if your dates would match the foliage time frame for LP. But if you have a time constraint, this is an all day adventure.

Gosh, there is sooo much. Look at mmvt's sticky post at the top for best spots/views. I put one in there with a lot of roads/long views, maybe about 20, that are dramatic. I think the gap roads are dramatic and many are in mid-Vermont. I hope others will chime in and give you the best of the best, keeping in mind, the times you are in VT.

Do not be scared off by weather reports!!!!!!! Yesterday, we had clouds and occasional minor drizzle and occasional peaks of sun. The foliage, albeit the best in years, looked absolutely amazing and weather did not impact our travels or photo stops one bit.

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