Hope you had a great time

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Hope you had a great time

Post: # 1022Post pwt54
Thu Oct 23, 2003 8:33 am

I hope you "foliage Folks" had a great time and that my advise worked out for you. This has been a challenging foliage season. I really enjoyed trying to help all of you find the best foliage and rides. right now most of the foliage is gone. There are still some isolated pockets of foliage in the Champlain Valley ( western VT.). The Red Oska are turning and looking pretty good. Well, I guess I'll sign off and watch the "purtty" snowflakes drift by. :(

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Re: Hope you had a great time

Post: # 1023Post ybyap
Thu Oct 23, 2003 9:22 am

I had a great time, so as my family, and thank you for your time for this forum. I greatly appreciate it.

Thanks. :)


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Re: Hope you had a great time

Post: # 1024Post Florindo
Fri Oct 24, 2003 10:41 am

Yes! Thanks very much to you and Charles for the great advice. Because of the distance I was only able to make it up there twice, and I didn't get all of the pictures I wanted, but it was still beautiful and worth the effort. I can't wait until next year.


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Re: Hope you had a great time

Post: # 1025Post poosmoo
Mon Oct 27, 2003 2:07 pm

thank you for all your advice we'll chat again next year....take care!

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