How to get there and openings

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How to get there and openings

Post: # 14235Post RIMHfire
Wed Oct 05, 2011 5:21 pm

I'm headed up to the Woodstock area this weekend and have some locations that I want to drive around for some color. I'm planning on doing Sugarbush Farm and Cloudland Road if it's open again, but here are some areas I'm having trouble with finding:

Bethel Mountain Road between Rochester and Bethel
Common Road in Waitsfield
Bragg Hill in Waitsfield
Kingdom Road in Plymouth
Route 100A in Plymouth

How can I get to these locations from Woodstock or White River Junction, and what end should I start at? I'd also like to if any of these roads are open or closed by this weekend. And I think I know were Common Road (and obvious 100A) is, but for the other locations, can you map them out for me? I can't find Bragg Hill or Kingdom Road anywhere.

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Re: How to get there and openings

Post: # 14236Post Snookman2
Wed Oct 05, 2011 5:41 pm

I just did a couple of these roads last weekend. I drove Cloudland Road only up to Cloudland Farm (highly recommend for dinner!) and it was open that far. Beyond that I don't know but a couple locals told me they thought it was open.

Bragg Hill Road is on the west side of 100 just north of the intersection of 100 and 17 (just sw of Waitsfield).

For Common Road, from 100 go east on Bridge St in Waitsfield. Turn left on Joslin Hill Road, then Common Road will be on the right after about a mile.

Bethel Mountain Road runs from Rochester to Bethel. It's right past a gas station on the left when going south on 100. Take note that 107 is closed and Bethel Mountain Road is the detour. If you travel between Bethel and Woodstock, route 12 is closed between 107 and Barnard. So you take N Road instead to bypass that section of route 12. North Road is on the left heading south on River St (107/12) just south of Bethel.

FYI, it's easy to find a lot of these roads using google maps. Go to google maps type in the town you want to look around, then search at the top for the specific road you want and it'll pop up. Works like a charm.

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Re: How to get there and openings

Post: # 14240Post ctyanky
Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:57 pm

For Common Road, don't take Bridge Street. It is closed due to flooding and bridge repair. They are still paving the road. Continue to go north on 100 past the main village areas of Waitsfield until you see the signs on right and left that say to "Round Barn" and follow the signs. I should clarify. The signs are on both sides of the road, but you will turn right heading north on 100 to Round Barn and Common Road.

Do not miss this road! It is fabulous and lots of red barns and farms and maple trees and a covered bridge on North Road I think it is. Carol can attest to the beauty of this road, she was there a lot last year for photography!!!!

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Re: How to get there and openings

Post: # 14254Post pwt54
Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:59 pm

The road Ctyanky is talking about is the Tremblay Road. Take that to the end and turn right onto the North Road to get to the Commons Road. BUT, you may want to turn left first to check out the covered bridge.

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