Mt. Washington Auto Road

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Mt. Washington Auto Road

Post: # 14026Post 2doggiemom
Sat Oct 01, 2011 11:19 pm

I am going to be in North Conway on 10/12. I would like to go up the Mt. Washinton Auto Road but am unsure if it has a chance of closing before then and will there be any good foliage to view. If not, please advise of sights to see in the area as I'm locked into North Conway for the day. Thanks

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Re: Mt. Washington Auto Road

Post: # 14027Post WXMAN76
Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:49 am

There is always a chance the Auto Road will be closed due to snow or ice. Color at the upper elevations will be gone by then. However Conway is the last to turn in the North Country being in a low valley, so there is likely color to be had in the valleys below. If the autoroad is close, the Cog Railway could still be open, as they will be running then. Also if the color is good in the valley another alternative would Conway Scenic Railroad, which could offer foliage in the valleys. Color may also still be good in parts of western maine on rt 302 East Fryburg, Bridgton, Naple. (lots of lakes in this area too) Also good color will likely be around on rt 16 south of Conway in the Osippe area. So you should still have color in the valleys and you have a few options for scenic tours or drives.

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Re: Mt. Washington Auto Road

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Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:02 pm

The auto road is something you just have to keep up to date on a day by day basis. The cog is always a great alternative. Usually around that time you're going to be up there color should be very nice. The top of Mt. Washington should see some rime by that time as well, since it's already "frosted" over a few time last month already. I also suggest stopping by the Mt. Washington Hotel since you'll go right by it. Take in the few of Mt. Washington from their back porch, they have some nice color surrounding them usually. You can also try doing part of the Kancamangus since it opens up into Conway.

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