September 21st, first State foliage report for the 2022 season

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September 21st, first State foliage report for the 2022 season

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Wed Sep 21, 2022 3:37 pm

he first day of fall is September 22, and while foliage conditions in Vermont are still in the very early stages, the colors are synced up with the calendar. Things are about to ramp up and conditions on the ground can change fast, so soak up every opportunity to get outside and enjoy the show. Particularly in northeastern parts of the state and along the spine of the Green Mountains, yellows are emerging from birch, cherry, and ash, while the more stressed maples that turn sooner are starting to show reds and oranges.

Due to recent rain and wind, some of these stressed trees that are changing early are beginning to drop leaves—but not to worry, there’s so much more to come. This first small phase adds a three-dimensionality to foliage, coloring both the ground and the branches above, opening pockets within the forest to see the depth of foliage yet to turn.

This week’s weather forecast includes a fair amount of rain, and as long as it’s on the gentle side, this will be to our leaf peeping advantage as one of the key ingredients for stunning autumn leaves.

Recreation Recommendations & Best Bets

This is a magical time of year when many of summer’s best activities are still hanging on even as the turning leaves usher in fall. If you’re feeling hardy, there’s still a lingering window for swimming and enjoying a sun-soak on a beach at one of Vermont’s state parks, even as you take in the hints of color on standout trees. Why not make a weekend of it and plan to camp while you’re there? Visit the Vermont State Parks Operating Schedule to see which parks are still open to enjoy the best of summer and fall.

To catch the most color this week, head to the Northeast Kingdom or high elevations in the Green Mountains. Brighton State Park is one great destination for swimming, hiking, boating, and more, as are the nearby multi-use Kingdom Trails.

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Re: September 21st, first State foliage report for the 2022 season

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Fri Sep 23, 2022 10:16 am

We are experiencing steady, high wind gusts here in northern CT from the passing hurricane's wind field zones. Started last night. I'm glad the trees are still green or in the early stages right now. Always something to be mindful of in the future. Hopefully, we will not experience windy conditions like this in the coming weeks! :x

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